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<xTITLE>Mediation Channel Round-Up: Good Stuff Online For Mediators And Negotiators</xTITLE>

Mediation Channel Round-Up: Good Stuff Online For Mediators And Negotiators

by Diane J. Levin
May 2009

From Mediation Channel

Diane J. Levin

round up of negotiation and mediation articlesFrom time to time I round up the links to articles I’ve been sharing with my followers on Twitter, where I’ve been microblogging for the last couple of months. I’m passing some along here to my non-Twittering readers, along with other stuff that you just don’t want to miss. I hope you enjoy these.


Diane Levin, J.D., is a mediator, dispute resolution trainer, negotiation coach, writer, and lawyer based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, who has instructed people from around the world in the art of talking it out. Since 1995 she has helped clients resolve disputes involving tort, employment, business, estate, family, and real property issues, and serves on numerous mediation panels, including the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Training and coaching are an enduring passion -- she has taught thousands of people to resolve conflict, negotiate better, or become mediators -- from Croatian judges to Fortune 500 executives.


A geek at heart, Levin consults on web design and social media to professionals.  She blogs about ADR at the intersection of law, science, and popular culture at the award-winning, regarded as one of the world's top ADR blogs.  She also tracks and catalogues ADR blogs world-wide at, where she has created a community for bloggers writing about constructive ways to resolve disputes.


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