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<xTITLE>Caseload Manager Selected for Illinois Statewide Foreclosure Mediation Program Case Management</xTITLE>

Caseload Manager Selected for Illinois Statewide Foreclosure Mediation Program Case Management

by Caseload Manager
March 2014 Caseload Manager
Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) has recently selected “Caseload Manager” (offered by Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc.) to provide online case management services for approximately 10,000 annual Illinois foreclosure mediation cases. Caseload Manager is a secure, cloud-based case management service that, according to CEO James C. Melamed, J.D., “allows the right people to see the right information.”

The Illinois Attorney General issued a grant for the development of 10 court-based foreclosure mediation programs to address the ongoing foreclosure crisis. These programs will provide homeowners and lenders a way to work together to determine whether homeowners can afford to keep their homes if mortgage terms are changed.

This grant includes funds for an online case management and monitoring system (OMS) that will enable the programs to manage case flow and monitor process and outcomes. The OMS will also be used to gather data for a statewide evaluation of the programs. Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) has been asked to administer this grant. More information on RSI is available at

Melamed, a leading mediator himself, notes the huge advantages for ADR program management in having ongoing real-time access to statewide program meta-data. Having access to this data allows statewide program managers to identify most effective approaches as part of a constantly improving case management system. Nearly 100 Caseload Manager systems are now deployed for programs, agencies and courts worldwide. Full information on Caseload Manager is at

Caseload Manager has been developed by Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc., (RIS) at, best known for its flagship website Founded in 1996, is the world’s leading dispute resolution website. has been awarded the Institutional Problem-Solver of the Year Award by the American Bar Association among other awards.


Caseload Manager is the world's leading cloud-based caseload management system for mediation practitioners and programs. We work with practitioners and ADR programs to shape Caseload Manager to meet your specific case and data management needs. Caseload Manager includes everything at a set price, including consultation, training, ongoing support and reporting.

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