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<xTITLE>Will artificial intelligence (AI) , Amazon Echo Alexa , play a role in your Mediation Practice?</xTITLE>

Will artificial intelligence (AI) , Amazon Echo Alexa , play a role in your Mediation Practice?

by Jim W Hildreth
February 2017 Jim W Hildreth
The Amazon Echo was born  on 11/06/2014 in Seattle at Amazon headquarters.
During her birth their were a handfull of skills via Ask Alexa, just over two years, today there are over 7000 skills shared by voice activation by asking Alexa in the USA, Great Britain, and Germany.
Popular request are Music, reading from your Kindle or Audible book's, setting appointments, banking, ordering from Amazon, your updated delivery status. and yes ordering a pizza or ground transportation via Lyft.
Skills include  Connected Car, Education and reference, food and drink, health and fitness, news, productivity and even taking out a stain on your favorite dress.
Skills also include dimming the lights and locking the doors.
Yes, travel, transportation, utilities and the weather are skills, simply by asking your Echo, Your Dot "Alexa"
I'm going to share  a little secret, Akexa does meditations and affirmations.
"Alexa, ask Mindfulness for a Minute Meditation" , "Alexa Open Buddha Says"
Alexa open "Ocean Sounds or Thunderstorms".
Now, I suspect  your about to shout out "Jim what are you smokin out there in California"  you said Mediation not Meditation and you are exactly right, Alexa has a Mediation Skill.
Amazon #AskAlexa, just approved the first Mediation skill on the planet.
Take a guess--it's called My Mediator.
Its under the Skill  Business and Finance.
The description is My Mediator for Alexa can give details on how to resolve California Real Estate Disputes via Mediation versus Litigation.
Deposit Disputes, Probates, Partnerships, non-disclosure are examples used.
Proudly the  author developed this skill with a world wide team of code developers.
As a Mediator, I use Alexa, for scheduling appointments, looking up addresses, playing soft music in cacuses, and she acts as white noise in my conference room, between multiple disputants.
I set my nighlty alarm clock.  She even finds for me top rated legal folks for contacts.
Socially she plays music to soothe my soul and Zydeco to dance in my living room.
The goal for 2017 is to share Amazon Alexa, with Bar Members, Mediators, the general public that technology will be a part of your future as a Mediator.
Just Ask Alexa for "My Mediator"


Jim W Hildreth is both a private and court appointed mediator, who's specialty is "Real Estate' Disputes.

He has over 40 years of experience and is licensed as a Broker in both California & Louisiana.

He is an also an "Expert Witness" in California Superior Courts.

When not mediating, his hobbies are photography and playing zydeco music.

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