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<xTITLE>Now it's official: Mediation is a 2008 Best Career</xTITLE>

Now it's official: Mediation is a 2008 Best Career

by Kristina Haymes

From the blog Mediation Marketing Tips

Kristina Haymes

U.S. News and World Report listed the top 31 “best careers” in December 2007 and “mediator” made the list.

The “Mediator Executive Summary” lists what many of you know to be true:

The problem is that there are more mediators than mediation jobs. In part, this is because the barriers to entry are so low—most mediators are required only to complete a 30-to-40-hour training course.

The oversupply means that most mediators do not earn a middle-class income for one to five years. And even to do that, a mediator must embrace marketing by establishing a niche—disputes among postal workers, people of different races, parents and teens, or even participants in the online world Second Life. Until mediators develop a reputation, they must schmooze with potential referral sources, write articles or give talks on mediation, and find well-connected champions willing to recommend them.

Nevertheless, if you have the gift of establishing trust, generating creative solutions, calming angry disputants, staying calm amid ambiguity and dissembling, and are willing and able to market yourself, mediation can be a win-win career for both you and your clients.

The median income was listed at $66,800 and and Jim Melamed was quoted extensively for the article.

Mediators start your marketing engines…


p.s. if anyone has ventured into mediating disputes on-line in Second Life, I’d like to hear about it. Free publicity here.


Kristina R. Haymes is a mediator of litigated and non-litigated cases.  She has successfully assisted parties in resolving employment, real estate, commercial and family business & estate disputes.

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