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<xTITLE>Perspective-Taking Leads to Enlightenment</xTITLE>

Perspective-Taking Leads to Enlightenment

by Caryn Cridland
April 2013 Caryn Cridland

Recently I wrote about “Why Perspective-Take: The Rainbow.” I was planning on writing about perspective-taking in two consecutive blogs.

A day or so after I posted this blog, I was introduced to a model or philosophy by by a friend and teacher, Terry Hitsche.

This philosophy sums up perfectly what I was attempting to explain in words using the metaphor of the rainbow.

It is a philosophy or model drawn from indigenous culture. It is called Ya-idt-midtung Philosophy. I decided to do a third week on perspective-taking  just to introduce you to this wonderful model.

According to Ya-idt-midtung Philosophy, expanding our perspective eventually leads to enlightenment through a series of stages.  The Ya-idt-midtung people are from the snowy mountains of Victoria.

  Ya-idt-midtung Philosophy – A Varied Perspective 

A varied perspective is the key to perception
 Perception is the key to understanding
 Understanding is the key to respect
 Respect is the key to harmony
 Harmony is the key to joy
 Joy is the key to enlightenment

So it seems ignorance may not be bliss after all!

…And it seems we truly do need to thank our “enemy” or those we are in conflict with – for they are helping us along the path to enlightenment (whatever that is for you).

“A varied perspective” is one of four tenets of Koori Culture as described by Kakkib li’Dthia Warrawee’a (self-described ‘Doctor of Ya-idt’midtung Medicine, and a Spiritual Teacher/Philosopher’).

What do you think of this Ya-idt-midtung Philosophy?  How does it fit in with your conception of perspective-taking?


Caryn Cridland is the Founder of Mindful Mediation, a specialist workplace mediation and leadership development consultancy dedicated to resolving complex conflicts involving leaders and teams, as well as developing high performance teams and leaders. Caryn’s passion is turning leadership conflict into an opportunity for the growth and development of exceptional leaders through increased self-awareness and enhanced interpersonal skills. Caryn has been training in mediation since 2002. She has over 16 years experience resolving workplace conflict, including team and multi-party mediations, facilitations, and team building.

Caryn is a Registered Psychologist (specialising in Organisational Psychology), admitted as a Solicitor, a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Leadership Consultant, Professional Speaker, Qualified Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher, and was Part-time Lecturer (University of Technology, Sydney) in Dispute Resolution for 12 years. She also has 15 years experience in leadership development (including facilitating group training sessions and one-on-one coaching on topics such as leadership style, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication, and personality). She has guest lectured for Sydney University, and Bond University, as well as provided mediation coaching for Bond University.

Mindful Mediation also trains mediators, professionals, and managers in workplace mediation, conflict resolution, leadership development, and communication skills – including mediation accreditation, basic, and advanced level training.

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