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<xTITLE>Celebrating the Work and Person of Special Education Mediation Champion Marshall Peter (video)</xTITLE>

Celebrating the Work and Person of Special Education Mediation Champion Marshall Peter (video)

by Jim Melamed
November 2015 Marshall Peter
Marshall Peter is soon retiring as Director of Direction Service, a multi-program, family support agency founded in 1977 in Eugene, Oregon. Marshall is perhaps best known to the mediation field as the founding Director of CADRE, the National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education which Marshall established in 1998.

Here is a video tribute to Marshall that is well worth your watch. Through his work, Marshall has shown us just how much change for the good a person can bring to both our local and national communities. takes our hat off to Marshall Peter for bringing creative and capable mediation services to the world of special education. Marshall is a true model and hero for us all in showing us how we can bring better processes and better results throughout our society.

Personal Note

I want to offer a special thanks and appreciation to Marshall for selecting Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) and to develop the Direction Service and CADRE websites. We too have been motivated by Marshall to offer our very best and are deeply and enduringly appreciative for the opportunities and dedication that Marshall has offered RIS and over the years.

I also want to note that fans of Marshall have established a Marshall Peter Legacy Fund and I encourage you to consider making a donation in honor of Marshall and his many decades of exceptional work.


About Marshall Peter

Marshall Peter is the Executive Director of Direction Service and the founding (1998) Director of the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) which is funded by the United States Department of Education as the National Center on Dispute Resolution.

After receiving an M.S. in Special Education from the University of Oregon, Peter substitute taught in classes for students who had emotional/behavioral disorders. He began working in 1976 at Direction Service, a multi-program family support agency, as a parent advocate. The father of a now deceased child with multiple disabilities, Peter has provided ongoing support and advocacy services to more than 500 families who have children with disabilities.

Peter's early work as an aggressive advocate evolved into an interest in developing methods for facilitating home school partnerships that are respectful, considerate and yield equally powerful results for children and families.

From 1992-1996 Peter directed a successful, USDOE funded project that field tested a conciliation model aimed at addressing the cultural barriers that interfere with the effective utilization of special education services.

Peter's work in the area of conflict resolution has included presentations, training and consultation throughout the United States on appropriate dispute resolution, interest-based advocacy, consumer empowerment, wraparound services and conflict resolution system design. Peter served on the City of Eugene Human Rights Commission, the Oregon State Advisory Council for Special Education, the Oregon Disabilities Commission and as Chair of the Eugene School District Equity Committee.

Marshall presently serves as Chair of the Community Behavioral Health Consortium and on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Trillium Community Health Plan. His work in the areas of advocacy and human rights has resulted in him receiving numerous awards.

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