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<xTITLE> Launches MediateIndia! Proven Bridge Between Professional Mediators and the Public</xTITLE> Launches MediateIndia! Proven Bridge Between Professional Mediators and the Public

September 2019
September 24, 2019 - For immediate release
A Proven Bridge Between Professional Mediators and the Public, the world’s most visited dispute resolution site and most used mediator directory, has launched MediateIndia! at CAMP, based in Bangalore, is the Foundational Sponsor for MediateIndia!’s and CAMP’s goal is to support the development of mediators and mediation throughout Indian society, including court mediation, mediation as an alternative to litigation, private mediation and community based mediation.
Laila Ollapally, Founding Coordinator of the Bangalore Mediation Center and Founder of CAMP comments,“CAMP is thrilled to partner with to grow mediation throughout Indian society. Mediate has a unique collection of resources and a proven ability to educate both professionals and the public about mediation. MediateIndia! is a bridge between Indian professionals offering mediation services and Indian people needing these services.” CEO, James Melamed, says,“Mediation in India is just now taking off. We havesupported and chronicled the growth of mediation in North America over 25 years. We know that can now also expedite and elevate the development of mediation in India. With over 20,000 articles, blog posts, news items and videos, is uniquely capable of supporting and chronicling the growth of mediation in India.”
For professionals, MediateIndia! offers:
  • Professional Mediator Directories: &
  • Our Monthly Newsletter: “Mediation in India”
  • Our robust collection of mediation Articles, Blogs, News & Videos
  • A Calendar of Indian mediation events
  • Localized Featured Mediator Placement
  • Mediator and Online Mediator Certification
  • Cloud-Based Case Management at
  • Online Mediator Courses at
MediateIndia! Charter Membership Opportunity
Join MediateIndia! For FREE at


If you are a professional mediator in India, you are eligible (through 12/31/2019)
 to Join MediateIndia! FOR FREE
 as a Charter MediateIndia! Member!

Charter Members receive FREE MEMBERSHIP through 12/31/2020!

For - James Melamed -
Founder and CEO of
For CAMP - Tara Ollapally -
Co-Founder and Director of CAMP
MediateIndia! Advisory Board:
  • Justice Kurian Joseph
  • Sahil Kanuga
  • A.J. Jawad 
  • Chittu Nagarajan
  • Laila Ollapally
  • Tara Ollapally
  • Jonathan Rodrigues 
  • Mehernosh Shapoorjee


With over 20,000 articles, news items, blog postings and videos, and over 5 million annual visitor sessions, is the world’s leading mediation web site. offers an array of technical services to mediators and mediation organizations and serves as a bridge between professionals offering mediation services and people needing mediation services.

About CAMP

CAMP Arbitration & Mediation Practice Pvt. Ltd (CAMP) is at the forefront of integrating commercial mediation into the practice of dispute resolution in India through a collaborative, trusted process that turns conflict into dialogue and consensus. Full information on CAMP is available at 


MediateIndia!AnnouncementFinal2.pdf MediateIndiaPDFAnnouncement  (MediateIndia!AnnouncementFinal2.pdf)


In business since 1996, is the world’s leading mediation and dispute resolution website with over 7 million annual site visitors. serves as a bridge between professionals offering dispute resolution services and individuals and businesses needing those services. was awarded the 2010 American Bar Association Institutional Problem Solver of the Year Award. online services for professionals and programs are described at:  Please begin by joining at Also consider our Featured Mediator Program,  Online Mediation Training and our case management system.

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