APFM Town Halls – The Power of Authenticity

We know that trust is the foundation of effective mediation. 

But how do we build this trust? 

APFM’s 2022 Town Hall Series, The Power of Authenticity, will explore how our authenticity inside the mediation room makes trust possible. Together, as mediators, we will practice applying core values to our thoughts, actions, and behaviors, to build sustainable trust. 

We are excited to host a dynamic discussion about the core values that mediation thought-leaders personally rely upon, and engage in live demonstrations of the strategic application of these values to complex scenarios. 

We will explore the power of authenticity to better understand how applying core values to mediation can benefit us as professional mediators, our practices, and our very humanity. 

APFM’s 2022 Town Hall Series will take place in two free, 90-minute webinars:

  • Part 1, Being Authentic with Potential New Clients, will take place Thursday, July 21, at noon Eastern (9AM Pacific).
  • Part 2, Strategic Authenticity for High Conflict Cases, will be held Thursday, August 25, at noon Eastern (9AM Pacific). APFM’s annual meeting will take place immediately after Part 2. 

Special thanks to Mediate.com which has sponsored APFM’s Town Hall Series for the third consecutive year!

We hope you join us for this powerful Town Hall Series!

Michael Aurit
APFM Town Hall Moderator


Michael Aurit

Michael Aurit helps aspiring and experienced mediators reach their greatest potential. He is a nationally respected professional mediator, prominent mediation trainer, and inspiring thought leader. As Director and Co-Founder of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation in Arizona, he has helped thousands of people resolve their divorce and child custody… MORE >

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