An Exploratory Study Based on USA Marriage Mediators’ Views

This article is written by a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky conducting a study on models of helping couples stay married from mediators’ perspectives including assumptions informing their practices.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are inviting mediators involved in working with conflicting couples to participate to a qualitative study. Participation will consist of answering some general questions online and then being contacted for an internet in-depth interview on your practice of helping conflicting couples. The purpose of this study is to explore theories and practices that marriage mediators have found helpful or problematic including what informs their practices.

The survey is available here. We hope that this study and the results of it will add valuable information to the marital mediation field.


Djidjoho Gnonhossou

Djidjoho Christel Gnonhosssou is a PhD candidate in Family Sciences at the University of Kentucky. Her interests are in family processes, i.e, couples relationship dynamic, marital conflict, marriage and family mediation in West Africa, among African immigrants, and in the United States. She was the 2014 award winner with her… MORE >

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