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Newsletter JANUARY 2014

Association for Conflict Resolution, NJ Chapter Bulletin April 2014


Transforming Conflict Into Consensus

Trip Barthel

Eight top mobile apps for mediators 


The bad habits of good negotiators 

Adam Grant

From June 13: For a good part of the past decade, Adam Grant taught negotiation skills to diverse audiences — Fortune 500 executives, generals in the U.S. Army and Air Force, and professional athletes in the NFL and NHL. They tend to excel at preparing, analyzing options and establishing a strong position. Yet some of their communication choices fly in the face of the best data on what actually works at the bargaining table.



Book Reviews

Communication and Conflict Skills

Linda K. Strauss, Ph. D.

Common Ground on Hostile Turf

Elissa Tonkin


Court overturns labor-board decision on arbitration deals 
The Wall Street Journal 

A federal appeals court overturned a National Labor Relations Board decision that had barred employers from requiring workers to sign arbitration agreements forbidding them from filing class actions or collective claims on such issues as pay and hours. The ruling is a victory for companies that had been concerned the NLRB decision would open the floodgates for class-action lawsuits. But it is a loss for labor groups that had said allowing such agreements would raise the costs for workers seeking to file individual claims — or would expose them to pressure not to file at all.

Wait, Could We Both Be Right? (12/02/13)
Karen Pelot
This article demonstrates how positioned determined based on individual unique perspectives, while technically correct, may be completely wrong. It goes onto illustrate how mediators deal with situations wherein each “side” seems to be dealing with completely different circumstances. 



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