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Scholarship Program

Statement of protocol for application and awarding of scholarships from
ACR Central California Charter
ACR CCC will award scholarships to interested and deserving parties to further promote the mission and purpose of ACR CCC
Mission Statement
The Association for Conflict Resolution – Central California Chapter shall promote and carry out, on a local and regional level, the Mission, Guiding Principles and Bylaws of ACR by promoting peaceful conflict resolution and collaborative decision making at all levels of society.
Statement of Purpose
1.    Increase public understanding and acceptance of appropriate dispute resolution and collaborative decision making processes and of the role of dispute resolvers and facilitators of collaborative decision making processes, with full attention to the range of cultural values which may influence these processes.
2.    Improve the structure and institutions through which dispute resolution and collaborate decision making services are provided.
3.    Promote the professionalism of those working in dispute resolution, facilitation and other collaborative decision making processes at the local, regional, national, and international levels, whether paid or volunteer.
4.    Promote recruitment, training, continuing education, and skill development of persons involved in dispute resolution and collaborative decision making in all areas of society while encouraging the widest possible diversity.
5.    Sponsor research leading to the development of innovative impasse resolution and collaborative decision making techniques and procedures.
6.    Serve as a clearinghouse of information for research data in the fields of dispute resolution and collaborative decision making.
7.    Advance the educational and professional interests of all persons engaged in the resolution of disputes and collaborative decision making processes.
8.    Enhance the professional skills of mediators, facilitators, conciliators, fact finders, arbitrators, hearing officers, trial examiners, ombuds, and other persons working with collaborative decision making processes.
Individuals who are unable to afford the registration fee for an ACR CCC course or activity due to financial need may request a full or partial waiver of the registration fee. A letter requesting a waiver must be received at least 7 days before the course or activity date. Awards to qualified individuals will be determined on space availability, with preference given to applications in order of date submitted.
 The letter shall include the following:
·         full name of the applicant
·         contact information of applicant including current email address and phone number
·         the reason the applicant is interested in the course or activity
·         an explanation of the financial need for assistance
·         signature of the applicant.
Please submit your signed letter of application to scholarship committee chair:
Karen DeVoogd
1284 West Keats
Fresno, CA 93711
Questions regarding this application process can be directed to Karen DeVoogd at kdevoogd@csufresno.edu