A Rewarding Response

A year or so ago I received an email from Kudrat Dev, Founder and CEO of YCM of India.  YCM is an acronym for Youth Conflict Management.  Kudrat asked me if I would like to give a presentation for YCM via a webinar.  Caught off guard, but always anxious to learn, I accepted.  Yes, I’ve had some difficulty with Indian accents and I’m sure they have difficulty with my Boston accent, but luckily questions are asked via texting.  It’s been a learning experience and very rewarding.  

I’ve already given two presentations and regularly participate as an observer.  Since India is 12 ½ hours ahead of us it means some early risings. 

YCM is focused on not only teaching the skills of mediation but, for me, more importantly teaching youth the behaviors of civil constructive dialogue.  Thus YCM is teaching the reactive and proactive skills for coming to common understandings and resolutions.  They’re reaching out to campuses throughout the world and looking for local representatives.  YCM empowers youth through workshops and certification programs.  

YCM summarizes its goals with three concepts.  1 Focus on empowering citizens.  2. Train Conflict Managers and Youth Mediators.  3.  Collectivize Youth Power to set up and run youth centers.   Their goals are awesome, but if you listen to the YCM youth they’re determined to attain them.  Just being a participant in one their webinars is inspiring.  Their positivity and commitment to be well trained are inspiring.  

It’s been an honor to add my few thoughts to their webinars and write articles for their newsletter.  By the way they welcome submissions.  

I’m hoping some campuses here in the USA will welcome YCM.  I feel honored to be considered part of their program. 

As always I’m open to comment.


Charlie Young

Charlie Young was raised and educated in MA, and was ordained a priest for the Baker City Oregon Diocese.  Charlie served as a priest in the Baker diocese from 1958 to 1977 and was an assistant pastor and pastor and the Director of the Office of Religious Education from 1971-77.… MORE >

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