The Goals of Mediation are:

1. To reach a mutually acceptable agreement
2. To be part of forming that agreement so that your concerns are addressed
3. To help your children cope with and adjust to the major changes brought about by the separation
4. To reach a point where there is some level of mutual respect, which allows you and your spouse to maintain a civil relationship in the future
5. To avoid spending a third (or more) of the marital assets on a divorce
6. To avoid spending years at the Courthouse

Mediation simplifies the process of a divorce, which can be overwhelming. Unlike the tradition path of litigation, mediation allows you to save money and time with one lawyer instead of two. You can avoid going to court and instead, sit down with a mutual mediator to reach an agreement. Most importantly, you can maintain a civil relationship with your spouse, which helps your children cope and adjust to the changes brought about by the separation.

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