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Save money, Save time

At Valerie S. Tarvin and Associates we offer an alternative to the traditionallitigated divorce. Our mediators will assist you to resolve your divorce case from start to finish in a quicker and more cost-effective manner, if you and your spouse are candidates for mediation. 

Divorce. Few legal actions will have the tremendous impact on your life as a divorce will, but Attorney Mediated Divorces can help. Your life and the lives of your children will change, assets will be divided, and you may even have to move. For all practical purposes, you are starting a new life. You should give serious consideration to marriage counseling if there is a chance of saving the marriage.

The decision to file a petition for dissolution of marriage should not come lightly. It should be weighed, considered, and never made in anger or in response to disappointment. If after serious consideration, you believe your marriage is over and you and your spouse still share some level of trust, mediation may be an option. Your next step is to select experienced representatives to inform and guide you through the personal and business decisions you will need to make during this process.  

We know what you are going through. We can help you to get through this process in a dignified fashion.



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