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Getting Started Family/Divorce Workplace Advanced/Add'l Skills
Basic 40-hr Mediation Training,
40 CLE Hours
by Clare Fowler
Collaborative Practice at its Best,
10 CLE Hours
by Chip Rose
Workplace Training,
6 CLE Hours,
by Clare Fowler
Strategic Negotiation,
5 CLE Hours
by Peter Robinson and Randy Lowry

4 Game-Changing Tips to 
Build Your Mediation Practice
1.5 hours
by Michael Aurit

Mediating Divorce Agreement,
15 CLE Hours
by Jim Melamed
The Crossroads of Conflict,
2 Hours
by Ken Cloke
Reflective Practice,
1.5 Hours
by Michael Lang
Getting Started in Mediation,
1.5 Hours
by Clare Fowler
Cultural & Gender Issues,
7 CLE Hours
by Nina Meierding
  Collaborative Practice at its Best, 
10 CLE Hours
by Chip Rose
Get Busy, Get Paid,
2 Hours
by Randy Lowry
Friendly Divorce Agreement,
10 CLE Hours
by Elinor Robin & David Spofford
  The Magic of Mediation,
2 Hours
by Ken Cloke
Marketing Your Mediation Practice,
6 Hours
by Elinor Robin and Susan Dubow
    Cultural & Gender Issues,
7 CLE Hours
by Nina Meierding
The Mediators,
2 Hours
Interviews with 21 Mediators
    The Crossroads of Conflict,
2 Hours
by Ken Cloke





The Magic of Mediation - Streaming
Ken Cloke shares at the Tennessee Association of Mediators about the magical moments he has experienced in mediation. This training has multiple hours of live presentation.  

This training helps people to view mediation as an opportunity instead of with fear. 

The Magic of Mediation:
6 hours CLE/CEU credit

Workplace Mediation Training with Clare Fowler  covers all of the components that a mediator needs to consider in beginning a practice in Workplace Mediation. This training assumes that the viewer has already taken a basic mediation training and has some experience as a mediator. This course covers common conflicts, organizational structure and hierarchy issues, workplace mediation processes, and available resources. Written materials are available, and throughout the course you will create the necessary forms you need to begin your practice. 6 hour course.

Workplace Training:

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40 Hour Basic Mediation Training - Streaming
Basic Mediation Training

with Dr. Clare Fowler

40 CLE Credit Hours

This is a Basic 40-hour Mediation Training. This 5-day course satisfies most state and court basic mediation requirements. The training was conducted by Dr. Clare Fowler at the Northwest Mediation Center in Spokane, WA.

Approved for 40 hours of continuing mediation credit in Washington state and 40 hours of CLE credit in California--and reciprocally in many other states.  Upon completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.

*There are a few portions of the course that the live participants shared personal information that they did not want to be made public. The audio in this section has been blurred out. Thank you for your understanding.

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40 Hour Basic Mediation Training:

The Crossroads of Conflict - Streaming
In this two-hour interview, Ken Cloke discusses the dynamics of conflict.  He examines different paths that people take to resolve their conflicts.

Cloke was interviewed by Bill Cirone, the Santa Barbara School Superintendent.


Crossroads of Conflict:

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10 CLE Credit Hours

Join nationally prominant collaborative practice Instructor Chip Rose for extensive Collaborative Practice instruction.  Six month access.  

Extensive written support material included.

Interest-based negotiation is key to accomplishing the best outcomes for our clients and their families.  This advanced training will sharpen and improve our interest-based negotiation skills to give clients the best chance for outcomes that are tailor-made, durable, and responsive to the needs and interest of each family. 

This interactive and demonstrative training includes:

  • Examining the theory of interest-based negotiation and interpersonal conflict during divorce;
  • Understanding the emotional needs of the clients and how to structure a process they can use effectively;
  • The art of the question and the development of macro goals;
  • Collaborative application of interest-based bargaining principles to financial, family residence, and support issues; 
  • Ethical considerations of collaborative negotiating and client representation in an interest-based negotiation process. 

Approved for 10 hours of CLE Credit

Collaborative Practice at its Best:

Mediating Divorce Agreement

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15 CLE Credit Hours

A Maximizing Approach to Mediating Divorce
with James C. Melamed

Join Jim Melamed, CEO of and Former Executive Director of the Academy of Family Mediators, for 15 hours of divorce mediation instruction.

Approved for 15 hours of CLE Credit. Six month access. Extensive online written materials. Also available on DVDs here.

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Mediating Divorce Agreement:


Cultural and Gender Issues

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7 CLE Credit Hours

Dynamic presenter Nina Meierding offers 7 hours of valuable information and strategic recommendations for addressing culture and gender issues in negotiation and mediation. The focus is on practical solutions to address cultural and gender dynamics in effective ways.  Extensive written materials included.

Approved for 7 CLE Credits - Six month access.  Available on DVDs here.

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Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation:

Stragegic Negotiation

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5 CLE Credit Hours

Join Randy Lowry and Peter Robinson for an informative and entertaining tour through the world of strategic negotiation, including both competitive and collaborative approaches. The end goal is that of assisting you to most capably integrate both negotiation approaches to your and your clients' advantage.  If you really want to understand how to effectively negotiate, this course is for you.

Topics Include:

  • Negotiation Styles & Dynamics 
  • Decision-making in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Managing Mixed Motives: Competition & Cooperation 
  • Avoiding Exploitation
  • Predictable Characteristics of Competitive Bargaining 
  • Geometry of Distributive Bargaining
  • Strategy Regarding Opening Offers
  • Capturing the Creativity of Collaborative Bargaining
  • Identifying Underlying Interests
  • Integrative Bargaining Roadmap
  • Three Dimensions of Negotiation Success

Supportive written materials included with the 5 hour course.

Approved for 5 CLE Credits - Six month access. Also available on DVDs here.

Strategic Negotiation:

Views from the Eye of the Storm

 Watch Preview Here

This 2 hour course features 31 of the most experienced mediators in the world. This video is a "highlight film" of compelling commentary from pioneers and leaders in the field of mediation. Six month access.

Also available on DVD here.

The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm:

Views from the Eye of the Storm

Getting Started in Mediation - Streaming
Getting Started in Mediation

with Clare Fowler

This video will teach you the fundamentals of Getting Started in Mediation. This focuses on the three main aspects of a successful, satisfying, and lucrative career: Training, Experience, and Marketing. 

This will give you tips on how to find the correct training for you. This might be at a local community mediation center, or you might choose to get a Masters or Doctorate degree. This course explains the benefits of multiple options so that you can make the right decision for you.

After this training session, the course focuses on how to gain experience. This is the most difficult aspect of starting as a mediator. This course provides many different suggestion from using prior contacts, to potential volunteer opportunities, to common methods others have used successfully to develop clients. 

Finally, the training ends with how to capitalize on your training and experience and market them. There are two aspects to marketing: what will appeal to clients and what will work for you. Dr. Fowler discusses both of these in detail, and then lists multiple resources that will help participants to create and refine a successful marketing campaign.

This video is 1.5 hours. 

It was recorded in Eugene, Oregon by Dr. Clare Fowler in 2017.

Getting Started Streaming:

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10 CLE Credit Hours (Including 1 Ethics, 1/2 hr Domestic Violence, 1/2 hr Diversity)

with Elinor Robin, PhD and David Spofford, JD

Program approved for 10 CLE Hours, including 1 hour in Ethics, 1/2 hr in Domestic Violence, and 1/2 hour in Diversity by the CA State Bar.  Extensive written materials included.

More than a training program: this is a business. This course is for lawyers, mediators, and other professionals who want to make money and a difference in the new economy. This program is for you if you want to launch or expand your practice and create a one-stop divorce business that serves the growing needs of self-represented clients. 

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Friendly Divorce Mediation:

Family Mediation Edition

Watch Preview Here

This 2 hour course is a remarkable collection of the observations and experiences of 27 of the most experienced family mediators in the world. Six month access.

Also available on DVD here.

Views from the Eye of the Storm - Family Edition:

Get Busy, Get Paid

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Get Busy, Get Paid!

with Randy Lowry

Interested in wisely growing your mediation practice? Looking to expand your legal work into mediation? This course will help you to grow your practice ASAP. Two hour course. Includes PDF manual. Six month access.

Also available on DVD here.

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Get Busy, Get Paid!:


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with Susan Dubow and Elinor Robin

6-Hours. Extensive written materials included.

This course to give you the tools to create a thriving mediation practice. Marketing is the key to creating a successful and lucrative mediation practice. This training will provide you with the marketing information and plan that you need to "jump start" or enhance your practice. Learn what you need to know about mediation marketing, and benefit from exercises designed to help you clarify your marketing niche and create your marketing plan.

The Missing Link: Marketing a Mediation Practice:

Click for more information about Improving Parent-Child Relationships

Watch Preview Here

with Carol Lynn Morse

10 hours of parenting education in 20 half hour episodes! PBS quality. The parents you meet are struggling and trying hard to be the best parents they can be. Through their challenges, you gain new perspectives on why parents and children interact as they do. You learn new skills that have an immediate positive effect on your relationship with your children. Six month access.

Also available on DVD here.

Improving Parent-Child Relationships:


  • Are We A Field? with Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Juliana Birkhoff, Peter Adler
  • Megatrends for Mediators with Colin Rule, Glen Sigurdson, Kirk Emerson, Ann Gosline, Richard Reuben, Chris Honeyman, Carrie Menkel-Meadow.


Keystone Conference:


Watch Preview Here  

An hour of video laughs with Chip Rose & Don Saposnek. Six month access   
The Lighter Side of Mediation:

The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm

Over 64 Hours of In-depth interviews with the best known and most experienced mediators in the world.

Complete Interviews Streaming:


Reflective Practice - Streaming
The Path to Excellence: Reflective Practice and Mindfulness

with Michael Lang

This 1.5 hour course with Michael Lang will help dispute resolution professionals from every field to examine their practice and their purpose. It is easy to fall into a groove--but we have become complacent? Are we best serving our clients when we act out of habit? Choose your path with this beautiful course.

Reflective Practice and Mindfulness: