Mediating Online:
Family & Divorce Mediation Training

This course was recorded May 11 - May 22, 2020 

Mediating Online: Family & Divorce Mediation

Presenters: Colin Rule, Clare Fowler, Michael Aurit and Jim Melamed
20 hours - Recorded live May 11-22, 2020
Includes all materials and 6 months access.

Online Family Mediation Training:

Presenters:  Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler,
Michael Aurit
and Colin Rule


This 20-hour course includes all training materials and 
qualifies as the 20-hour online mediation course
required for Online Certification.

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No mediator should offer online mediation without this course.

The Online Mediation Training came much "ahead of the wave." It was extremely effective, quite useful and very timely.

Wow, Wow, Wow ...This training was comprehensive, detailed and informative. It made me very excited to be a Mediator - especially at this time, in history.

This is a power-packed and remarkable opportunity for online dispute resolution training!  Every mediator should have these skills in their tool box in order to be current in the field. The panelists are outstanding and engaging. The material presented is well-organized and insightful. After taking this course, I am more confident and at ease with my skill set in working with parties in this virtual environment. Thank you for offering this course!

The Online Mediation training was excellent and inspirational! The trainers taught new skills, strategies and techniques, and also provided a lot of support and resources. The trainers passion and great teaching skills gave me lots of new ideas and energy for moving forward with online mediation!

The Online Family Mediation course provided by was top-of-the-line and addressed so many present-day concern s & responsibilities associated with mediating family cases online. It is a must-do course for anyone interested in pivoting their business to include an online option or moving entirely into an online model of practice.

This course provided valuable substantive review as well as new things to think about and consider.