Advanced Mediation Course

(On Sale for Members February 2020!)

by Bruce Edwards

This is a 45 hour course. These are videos and interactive text.

The Advanced Mediation Course was created to help professional mediators take their skills to the next level… and beyond.

Regular price is $1120, Special February 20% discount for Members is $896.

This course is approved for 33 CLE credits. 

Teaching around a multi-party, complex commercial mediation, Edward Mediation Academy instructors, along with top industry experts, meticulously deconstruct the mediation process into nine easy-to-follow modules. 

The modules deliver the specialized knowledge and refined mediation techniques that can be applied in real time, elevating the skills and effectiveness of any commercial mediator. 

Edwards Mediation Academy offers the Advanced Mediation Course as a complete program, consisting of the following modules:

  • Principles
  • Convening
  • Opening
  • Communication
  • Emotions
  • Early Stage Negotiation
  • Mid Stage Negotiation
  • Late Stage Negotiation
  • Insurance 

The course includes text, video and reflective exercises. Course lessons are reinforced by watching the authentic role play, similar to "shadowing" with Bruce Edwards. Critical skills are honed and reinforced facilitated with online exercises and worksheets, followed by assessments to test your knowledge. 


Regular price is $1120, Special February 20% discount for Members is $896.