Mediation in Today's News

April 2018

Panel supports bill to help Hawaiians keep ancestral land

A Hawaii Senate committee on Tuesday approved a bill that would force landowners into mediation before they are allowed to file lawsuits to acquire small parcels awarded to Hawaiian commoners during mid-19th century land reforms. read


MSU resumes mediation in Nassar victim lawsuits

Michigan State University has agreed to return to mediation with more than 250 plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits over Larry Nassar’s sexual assaults during medical treatments — but the university also renewed its motion to dismiss the cases. read


Norway Faces Strike From 35000 Workers as Mediation Starts

Norway’s unions warned an initial 35,000 workers stand ready to walk off the job should last-ditch mediation on a new collective bargaining accord fail. read

March 2018

Russian government approves bill on mediation procedures

MOSCOW, March 20 (RAPSI) – Russian government has approved a bill prepared by the Supreme Court which is supposed to improve mediation procedures. read


Mediation with North Korea boosts Moon's popularity

SEOUL -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in's approval rating has reached its highest point since December as his efforts to broker a historic U.S.-North Korea summit have won over even some conservative skeptics. A Gallup Korea poll released Friday put support for Moon at 74%. read


Buffalo Township 'marijuana' case heads to federal mediation

A Buffalo Township couple's federal civil rights lawsuit is heading to mandatory mediation. Edward Cramer and his wife, Audrey, claim township police and an insurance agent mistook their flowering hibiscus plants for marijuana. They allege they were handcuffed and forced to sit in the back of a police car for hours. read


Encouraging Greater Use of Mediation in International Commercial Arbitration

Mediation is not a staple of complex international commercial arbitration. It may well precede it—many arbitration agreements contain a “tiered” approach to dispute resolution that includes mediation—but, once a large international arbitration is fully underway, mediation has not been widely accepted. read


Can senior-run mediation sessions change attitudes towards domestic abuse in Senegal?

We tried to merge the cultural way of solving your problems with an old person in the village who is wise and the parliamentary system into what is now the MJ. read


Chancery to go up for sale in preparation for Sept. mediation

Guam – The Archdiocese of Agana has confirmed that the Chancery Office will be put up for sale in anticipation of what will likely be millions of dollars in settlement money for the scores of sex abuse victims at the hands of the church. read


Kingston JPs Trained In Mediation

Twenty-four Kingston justices of the peace (JPs) completed 40 hours of training in mediation over a two-week period recently as part of plans to have them more involved in conflict resolution across the parish. read


MPs Hear Of Effectiveness Of Mediation Services

Mediation Services provided by the Fiji Ministry for Em­ployment, Productivity and Employment Relations have been effective. read


State returns $1.4 million to Montgomery Public Schools amid lawsuit mediation

Montgomery Public Schools on Monday received a $1.4 million check from the Alabama State Department of Education, a repayment of funds which were sent in error to Pike Road Schools in 2016. read


Paulding airport: Mediation planned to resolve lawsuits over commercialization

The Paulding County Airport Authority voted Monday to enter mediation to resolve lawsuits challenging its plans for a second commercial airport in metro Atlanta. read


Students Compare Mediation and ADR Coursework to Actual Practice

Professor Douglas Yarn has incorporated innovative aspects of learning to his mediation and ADR seminar to help enhance student’s practical experience. Students compare what they are learning in class with how practicing attorneys approach mediation and ADR. read


Women's shelter expands services to include mediation

SINGAPORE - A new parent organisation that oversees the Casa Raudha Women Home for abused wives will roll out a series of activities, including mediation, to nip domestic violence in the bud. read


Active Preparation Leads to Better Mediation Results

Mediation results improve significantly when the parties, not just the attorneys, come prepared for mediation. This post offers 7 pointers for parties to follow when preparing for mediation with their lawyers. read


Free mediation service helps farmers

LANSING — Michigan farmers and other agriculturists can resolve disagreements with USDA agencies through the Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP). The free service also helps farmers resolve farm-related loan and credit disputes. read


Four Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce

It can probably go without saying that divorce can be a contentious process with strong emotions on all sides. When things heat up, it’s tempting to accept that a divorce can and should be all-out warfare in a courtroom, but is that really the best course of action for all involved? read


You Can Mediate That? Beyond the Eve of Trial, A Fresh Perspective on Employment Mediation

Given that nearly all employment disputes resolve short of trial, it is never too early for an employment lawyer consider mediation, writes Jill Sopha. Just what does it take to reach a resolution when an impasse looms? read


Trump budget would end agency that resolves differences in a time of deep division

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers.You will always find people who are helping.’” — Fred Rogers read


Mediation - the better way for business disputes

After over 20 years as a litigation lawyer and several years conducting Northern Ireland's longest running civil trial, Dorcas Crawford, senior partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors, began to re-evaluate the whole area of dispute resolution and concluded that there was a 'better way'. read

February 2018

Parties consider mediation to resolve differences on Rest of River cleanup

A judge with the nation's top environmental court might try to mediate a dispute over removal of Housatonic River toxins. read


Take a Stand program helps youth learn how to deal with bullying

SAN ANTONIO – More than 200 students in kindergarten, first and second grade at Mildred Baskin Elementary School in San Antonio learned how to stand up to bullies and resolve conflicts without fighting through a six-week Take a Stand anti-bullying curriculum. read


Types of Mediation: Choose the Type Best Suited to Your Conflict

Various types of mediation are available to disputants who are seeking an efficient and relatively low-cost resolution to their conflict. Which one should you choose? read


How Mediation Lessens Divorce Stress On Children

Divorce mediation can lessen the stress of divorce on both children and parents. read


Mediating Sexual Assault

The University of Michigan will allow "alternative resolutions" to resolve certain sexual violence cases, a step some survivor advocates have opposed. read


Half of cases sent to mediation centres resolved

Malaysia: About 50% of cases sent to the mediation centres throughout the country have been resolved without a full trial. read


Elder abuse mediation could be based on child custody model, legal group says

The family law mediation model has an 80% success rate, National Legal Aid chairman says. read


Engler says MSU wants to return to mediation in Nassar lawsuits; wants Izzo & Dantonio to be allowed

An email sent by Michigan State University interim president John Engler to students, staff and alumni regarding the Larry Nassar lawsuits and the various sexual-assault investigations says MSU wants to return to mediation with the women suing the University, USA Gymnastics, Twistars and others over Nassar's abuse. read


Waukegan police to get training on emotional intelligence, diversity and change after federal mediation

The Waukegan Police Department will be the focus of continued diversity and other training started in the wake of a Department of Justice-mediated agreement. read


Important Considerations in Selecting the Right Mediator

One of the fundamental components of a mediation is, of course, the mediator. Continuing the Manufacturing Industry Advisor’s series on mediation, we discuss how to select the right mediator for resolution of your dispute. read


King County teens hold peers accountable through unique crime mediation program

SEATTLE - While some teenage criminals are sent to jail, there's a King County program that aims to keep them out. read


Mediation Skills Are Crucial for Trial Lawyers

Whether early or late in a case, mediation is often the critical event which leads to a conclusion of the case. Therefore, mediating effectively may be among the most important of a trial lawyer’s skills. read


Never too early, too late, to mediate

Too often people in conflict believe their conflict has to reach epic proportions before seeking a dispute resolution process such as mediation, or they believe a situation may be too far gone to resolve. However, mediation can be very helpful at any stage of a conflict. read


Mediation with liquor licensees a good idea

We believe that the proposed mediation alternative would help businesses and communities work together to improve the operation of these establishments. read


Loss of alimony tax break in GOP bill may add to the financial pain of divorce

Lawyers and other divorce experts are scrambling to understand the changes, and react to them. They're worried about everything from messier breakups to fewer women contributing to their retirement. read


Opponents of California's coffee-cancer warnings to face mediation

A mediation session is scheduled for next week for coffee retailers -- including Starbucks and BP -- that haven't yet agreed to comply with the state of California's plan for informing consumers about the beverage's potential cancer risk. So far, 13 coffee sellers, including 7-Eleven, have agreed to post warning signs, as mandated by the state, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. read


Conciliation, mediation help resolve parent maintenance cases

Before going to court, parents who file maintenance applications will have to attend mediation before their case is heard by the Tribunal. Last year, mediators resolved half of the maintenance applications filed, an increase from 39 per cent in 2013. read


Neighbours can now settle disputes through online mediation

With the help of a court mediator through the e-Mediation function, parties can now mediate in a secure environment and resolve their disputes online without going to the courts to do so. read


Man attacked by cousins during funeral refuses mediation

A man who was attacked by his cousins during a family funeral in Ballyhaunis said he did not want to get involved in any mediation with them, as he is still afraid of them. read

January 2018

Judge refers Memphis Confederate statues lawsuit to mediation

The city of Memphis and the Sons of Confederate Veterans were ordered Tuesday to try mediation to resolve a dispute over the recent removal of the city's Confederate statues. read


In mediation, doctors reduce billed charges by millions

Of $7 million in surprise medical bills settled through Texas' mediation process last year, insurers increased their payments by $1 million, according to new state data. That means physicians apparently made the more dramatic concession, reducing their payment demands by $6 million. read


'You can't force people into mediation': Society spells out ADR wishes

Lawyers and consumers need to ‘buy into’ the use of alternative dispute resolution but do not need it forced upon them, the Law Society has said. read


Goehring believes farm mediation program will be busy in 2018

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring expects his department’s mediation service will be busy – working on issues between farmers and their bankers. read


Marin Voice: Rent mediation is fair to renters and landlords

Contrary to some of the opinions expressed, mediation will not be automatically required for annual rent hikes exceeding 5 percent. Mediation will only be required if the landlord or tenant requests it. read


Mediation – the postgraduate course that's never been more vital

The art of negotiation and dispute resolution is sorely needed in an age of strife, be it domestic or international read


Divorce mediator explains the benefits of mediation instead of litigation

Family and divorce mediator Melissa Dolphin-Rowland explains the benefits of mediation instead of litigation. read


China launches online mediation platform for copyright disputes

China launched an online platform Wednesday to mediate copyright disputes to free all parties involved and mediators from traveling. Applicants can choose mediators from other cities since all steps, including application, testifying, cross-examination and mediation, are to be done online. read


Forensic Mediation in a Matrimonial Matter

Two experts suggest a new process: "forensic mediation," where the forensic accountant works in stages and involves the mediator, attorneys and parties at each step. read


Community mediation helping to address homelessness in Greenville

In downtown Greenville there’s a lot of growth and new housing in the same area where homeless people receive services. That has resulted in a certain amount of conflict between neighbors and agencies that serve the homeless, but it’s also resulted in an on-going community mediation effort. read


Mediation Via Skype Is an Easier, Cheaper Solution for the Digital Age

If you’re the kind of cooler head that prevails when arguments arise between friends and colleagues, you could have a career ahead of you in online mediation. read