Mediation in Today's News

January 2018

China launches online mediation platform for copyright disputes

China launched an online platform Wednesday to mediate copyright disputes to free all parties involved and mediators from traveling. Applicants can choose mediators from other cities since all steps, including application, testifying, cross-examination and mediation, are to be done online. read


Forensic Mediation in a Matrimonial Matter

Two experts suggest a new process: "forensic mediation," where the forensic accountant works in stages and involves the mediator, attorneys and parties at each step. read


Community mediation helping to address homelessness in Greenville

In downtown Greenville there’s a lot of growth and new housing in the same area where homeless people receive services. That has resulted in a certain amount of conflict between neighbors and agencies that serve the homeless, but it’s also resulted in an on-going community mediation effort. read


Mediation Via Skype Is an Easier, Cheaper Solution for the Digital Age

If you’re the kind of cooler head that prevails when arguments arise between friends and colleagues, you could have a career ahead of you in online mediation. read


Federal Judge Orders All Parties In Flint Water Case Into Mediation

In Flint Michigan, hundreds of people have filed lawsuits over that city's lead water crisis. Most of the lawsuits have been consolidated into one massive case. On Thursday, a federal district judge in Ann Arbor ordered all the parties into mediation. read


Ecuador seeks mediator to resolve 'untenable' Assange standoff: minister

Ecuador is seeking a "third country or a personality" to mediate a final settlement with Britain to resolve the future of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the foreign minister said Tuesday. read


India: Family Court mediation centre settles over 2000 cases in 6 years

The Nagpur Family Court's Mediation Centre has settled about 2,037 cases in last six and half years, as per latest figures released by its coordinator Subhash Kafre. The centre started from June 13, 2011, has settled about 44.75% cases out of total 4,551 referred to it in this period. read


Divorce Day: Will mediation stop you adding to the growing statistic of January splits?

If you are married and just made it through the festive period then you might want to keep a low profile tonight. Today is known as 'Divorce Day' with the first proper working day back at work prompts couples to start making inquiries about leaving their partner. read


Portsmouth to use Mediator to Settle Dispute within Government

Portsmouth, OH - The City of Portsmouth is calling in some outside help in the form of an official mediator to resolve a divisive dispute between city council and city manager Derek Allen. read


Irish Mediators welcome commencement of Mediation Act

Sabine Walsh, president of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII), said 2018 promises to be “a significant year in the development and practice of mediation in Ireland as a result of the Mediation Act coming into force”. read


Court to pursue mediation in Ahok-Veronica divorce

The North Jakarta District Court is to pursue a course of mediation in the divorce proceedings of former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama and his wife, Veronica Tan, the court's spokesperson said on Tuesday. read


After firing, Garrison Keillor in mediation talks with Minnesota Public Radio

Garrison Keillor is in mediation with Minnesota Public Radio after his former employer fired him for allegations of "inappropriate behavior" with a co-worker late last year. read


Econsumer mediation centre gets off to a slow start

BENGALURU: The Online Consumer Mediation Centre (OCMC) set up by the consumer affairs ministry in December 2016 to allow ecommerce customers to resolve complaints digitally appears to have got off to a slow start, with just 84 complaints registered on the portal, of which only 14 have been resolved. read


Grandmothers of Chicago’s Restorative Justice Movement

Restorative justice, a mediation technique that uses peace circles to help people resolve disputes, is practiced in Chicago schools and has become increasingly popular in youth organizations. This fall, it’s taken its first step into the criminal justice system with the opening of the Restorative Justice Community Court in North Lawndale. read


The best way to settle corporate disputes

Hindu BusinessLine: Mediation not only democratises insolvency resolution processes, but creates an inclusive space that benefits all parties. read


Judge orders more mediation to resolve Minn. clergy abuse settlements

Disputes over clergy abuse settlements in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis have led a federal bankruptcy judge to order a return to mediation for all the parties involved. read


Police hold mediation talks for warring tribes

Two enemy tribes ordered to take part in peace talks on Christmas Day. read

December 2017

Civility in Mediation: What's the Big Deal?

Mediation is not monolithic. It spans literally every type of case that can be brought before a court and many that cannot. Even within each practice area (family, probate, commercial, personal injury, etc.), one size does not fit all. And the types of parties that appear in mediation are even more diverse than the genres of their cases. read


The Positives of Mediation in Planning

Mediation is a very empowering process in that it provides a platform for people to be openly heard and have their views taken seriously. It also allows for mutually accepted agreements to be legally binding through written agreement. And that is a powerful incentive for people to become involved. read


New hotline to help streamline special education mediation

Parents seeking mediation for their special education students now have a new hotline to get help. The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program set up a new phone number to intake mediation requests: (833) 543-7178. read


Theater Professionals Can Seek Mediation in Sexual Harassment Cases

Members of the theater community now have a new option for how to address sexual harassment. On Wednesday, a mediation service for theater professionals involved in sexual harassment incidents was announced by the actress Marin Ireland and the lawyer Norman Siegel at a news conference. The service, facilitated by an approved mediator, will be confidential. read


Twenty four Mediators graduate

The Accredited Mediators of Samoa Association (A.M.S.A.) yesterday welcomed twenty four new Mediators. The graduation follows a weeklong training under the guidance of Professor Nadja Alexander. Chief Justice, His Honour Patu Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Sapolu, congratulated the new Mediators. read


The Beat of the Peace Drum: Special Youth Dialogue & Mediation Training Program for Youth from all 15 Counties

Messengers of Peace (MOP)-Liberia is dedicated to ensuring tranquility in our communities through empowering youth to truly be the messengers of peace. That is why this week we are conducting a hands-on training in Dialogue, Mediation and Peacebuilding for 25 young people representing 15 counties. read


A New Initiative From Marin Ireland Hopes to Change How the Theatre Community Deals With Sexual Misconduct

Three years ago, Tony-nominated actor Marin Ireland approached civil rights attorney Norman Siegel about ways to address the problem of sexual harassment in New York’s theatrical community. Ireland had experienced a personal issue of her own, and, after consulting with Actors’ Equity and the Actors Fund, was dismayed with how few options were available to her. read


With settlement in doubt, mediation likely in trail dispute

Aspen, CO: With a settlement unlikely between one of the valley’s oldest land trusts and a group seeking to keep open a popular trail in the Hunter Creek Valley, the sides are to go into mediation, according to a court filing Monday. read


Church sex abuse mediation pushed back to June 2018

Guam – Mediation for the scores of sex abuse lawsuits against the church has been pushed back to June of next year. Initially the parties had anticipated settling the lawsuits in March 2018. read


Valuing peace: delivering and demonstrating mediation results

Mediation offers a proven and cost-effective method for resolving armed conflicts. More than 70 per cent of conflicts which ended between 1985 and 2015 were resolved through an agreement. read


Battling it out when it comes to aging parent's care? Elder mediation might help

Elder mediation is a growing field. Specially trained mediators work with adult siblings and seniors to address family conflict and challenges around shared decision-making and communication. read


What I’m really thinking: the mediator

We need to be impartial, non-judgmental and endlessly patient, but I feel like telling them to stop behaving like five-year-olds read


Arab Parliament demands UN replace US in peace process mediation as tensions escalate

The Arab Parliament upheld regional rejection of the decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying it holds the US responsible for its threatening consequences to international security. The parliament further demanded that the UN lead the peace process, after considering the US an unfair mediator. read


Mediation service that separates warring couples experiences record demand

A mediation service that resolves family law disputes without going to court or requiring separated partners to see each other is experiencing record demand in South Australia. read


Mediation talks offered to feud families after baby shot in attack

Mediation talks have been offered to the two groups at the centre of a feud which has resulted in an eight-month-old baby being shot. read


Man convicted of murder at 15 spared life sentence through mediation

Jeremy Burse, convicted of fatally shooting his friend during a botched robbery when he was 15 years old, avoided a life sentence for murder Friday (Dec. 1) after prosecutors and defense attorneys struck a mediated deal to lessen his penalty. read


Courts can mediate dog disputes with condo board

The case law on condos and canines holds that condo boards cannot bar dogs, but are within their rights to set a limit on the size or number of dogs. read


Broward Judge Faces 30-Day Suspension Without Pay for Referring Hundreds of Mediations to Former Campaign Adviser

The judge referred 80 percent of mediations to her former campaign adviser, who charged $250-$300 per hour on each case. read


Kenyan Judiciary launches Court Annexed Mediation to reduce backlog of cases

The Judiciary has taken measures to reduce the backlog of cases with the launch of the Court annexed mediation, a radical move which seeks to exploit alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to reduce accumulation of cases which has been termed as a stain and negative blot on the Judiciary’s image. read

November 2017

Mediation Prep and Practices in Employment-Law Cases

Michael H. Dolinger writes: Success in mediation depends not only on the skills of the mediator, but on the approach of counsel and clients. read


Judge: Bend must settle sewer plant lawsuit out of court

The city of Bend will have to settle an expensive sewer plant lawsuit out of court, a Deschutes County judge ruled Monday. read


Reduced Sanction for Contractor Who Sent Health Care Aide as Proxy in Construction Defect Mediation

After nine years of litigation, the court had ordered parties to send representatives with the power to settle the long-running dispute during mediation. read


Mediator brought in to help NYPD union, city reach new contract amid stalled talks

Contract negotiations between the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the city have reached a standstill, according to the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, which has appointed a mediator to assist in further negotiations. read


Why Mediation Needs Regulation

Mediation should be regulated for the good of the public, argues legal scholar. read


Ricoh Arena row: Coventry City, Wasps and council ordered to use mediation

Coventry City, Wasps and the council have been ordered to take part in mediation over the long-running Ricoh Arena legal battle. A Court of Appeal judge instructed the parties to take part in peace talks during a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice building, in London, today. read


California Supreme Court rules for farmworkers, and upholds binding mediation

The California Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to the nation’s most recognizable agricultural labor unions, unanimously overturning an appellate ruling that state-mandated contract mediation with farmers was unconstitutional. read


Memphis to try mediation to move a statue of Confederate Gen. Forrest

Memphis and the Sons of Confederate Veterans will try mediation to resolve their differences on the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, City Council attorney Allan Wade said Tuesday. read Recognized as a Top Attorney Directory for SEO!

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Mediation Ordered in Foster Case

Idaho:  Mediation is being ordered in the case of a Blanchard man accused of shooting two Bonner County sheriff’s deputies who tried to arrest him. read


Trinity uses facilitator for mediation between college heads, Dean’s office

According to an email sent out to Trinity College students during reading week, the Heads Team and Dean of Students office are working with an external facilitator to help with the mediation process following the vote of no-confidence in the Dean’s office this September. read


Ekweremadu speaks as mediators pick 1,000 participants

Nigeria: The Deputy Senate President, Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, has been named the keynote speaker at this year’s Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC). read


‘How we managed 40,000 disputes in 10 months’

Director, Citizens Mediation Centre (CMC), Lagos State Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Mrs Oluwatoyin Odusanya, says the agency has mediated in over 40,000 disputes since the beginning of the year. Odusanya said the figure, which averages at over 4,000 complaints resolved monthly, is 25 per cent more than what was recorded last year. read


Enforcing Your Patent Without Litigation

Avoiding litigation using a handful of tools can save you millions and even your business. read


Arb-Med-Arb: what is it and how can it help the parties to solve their disputes efficiently?

AMA is a hybrid mechanism and combines arbitration and mediation. It contains in essence the following steps: read