Mediation in Today's News

August 2019

India again rejects Trump’s Kashmir mediation offer

India on Friday again rejected President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate its dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir. India’s foreign minister said he told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that any discussion of the disputed Himalayan region would be between India and Pakistan only. more


Judge orders mediation over cell service dispute

A federal judge ordered a wireless company and the Village of Lake Success to go to mediation to find a way to resolve their dispute over whether Lake Success unlawfully denied the company’s request to install cellphone service equipment in the village. more


Local rape case goes to mediation

A Murray State University student accused of raping a fellow student in September will have his case heard by a mediator. more


U.N. members sign mediation convention to settle trade disputes

Members of the United Nations on Wednesday signed the Singapore Convention on Mediation, an agreement it hopes will make it easier to settle cross-border commercial disputes and stabilise trade relationships. more


The US is seeking someone to mediate a war between seals and humans

Federal authorities are struggling to broker a peace between humans and seals on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. People have murdered at least eight endangered Hawaiian monk seals in the past decade in what can seem an intractable conflict over natural resources. more


Special Report - International Mediation

The UN Convention on Mediation in Singapore marks mediation’s growing role in settling cross-border trade and political disputes. The first in a three-part series of articles discusses the rise of mediation and, for the UK and EU, how it might help resolve the mess of Brexit. more


Top Strategies for Preventing and Breaking Impasse in Mediation

What can mediators do to prevent negotiations from reaching an impasse? And if parties reach an impasse, what can mediators do to break it? more


Mediation: Avoiding The "S" Word In IP Litigation

Conventional wisdom states that “whoever says the “S” word first loses.” This is where the neutral nature of “mediation” plays an important role. more


Why the UK and EU need mediation to unpick the Brexit mess

A commercial mediator makes the case for intervention to tease out an agreement more


Mediation Design: Start With the 'Why'

What reasons for mediation would lead parties and/or counsel to design the process a little differently? Here are some. more


Building a Safe Place for Mediation in Arbitration Proceedings

It is a critical time for the arbitration community to consider a blueprint for increasing the use of mediation so that settlement rates in arbitration can be competitive with litigation. more


New UN Singapore Convention drives shift to mediation of trade disputes

Signatories aim to ease global commerce and promote ‘alternative and effective’ resolution. more


Spinderella’s Lawsuit Against Salt-N-Pepa Just Got Sent Straight To Mediation

Looks like Spinderella won’t have her day in court with Salt-N-Pepa after all. A federal court in Dallas ordered the lawsuit between DJ Spinderella and Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton to mediation. more

July 2019

USWNT, U.S. Soccer Both Have Incentive to Settle Dispute Outside of Court

In the wake of winning World Cup 2019, the U.S. women’s national team and U.S. Soccer will soon begin a mediation process to try to resolve the WNT players’ gender discrimination lawsuit without going to court. There are reasons for both sides to want to reach a settlement through mediation. more


From the Talmud: Is Mediation of Disputes a Moral Duty or a Utilitarian Exercise?

In this latest post on applying Talmudic principles in mediation, we discuss the Talmud’s view of mediation as an affirmative moral obligation. more


How Mediation Can Spare Families from Costly Litigation Over Estates.

We think the lesson is plain — when estate planning or family business attorneys detect disputes brewing between family members over an estate or family business, there is a small window of opportunity for the attorneys to suggest mediation to their clients to spare them from costly and destructive litigation. more


U.S. and China Set to Sign Singapore Convention on Mediation

The United States and China are set to be among the first countries to sign a convention on mediation that is named after Singapore. more


Undocumented immigrant detained outside mediation in South Austin

An Austin attorney is speaking out after her client was taken into custody by immigration officials following mediation. Valencia, 34, was in mediation because he and his ex-wife are in a custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. more


USWNT to Hope Solo: 'With all due respect,' we don’t need you in mediation

The former United States women’s national team goalie is attempting to get a seat during mediation sessions between the U.S. Soccer Federation and the USWNT players, but was promptly brushed off by both sides. more


When Does Evaluative Mediation Cross the Line from Neutral Analysis to Legal Advice?

The evaluative approach to mediation creates something of a gray area for mediators. Where does one draw the line between evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a case and providing legal advice? more


The Rising Popularity of Divorce Mediation

As more and more people discover that they have a choice when it comes to how to file for divorce, the demand for divorce mediation services is beginning to grow in some states. more


Five Key Psychological Principles at Play in Mediations

These principles do not exist in isolation; all may be operating simultaneously to a greater or lesser degree. Capitalizing on these principles to drive resolution is more art than science. A skilled mediator will, however, note their presence or absence and orchestrate negotiations accordingly. more


Judge orders all parties into mediation in South Carolina church property case

Judge Edgar Dickson ordered all parties—The Episcopal Church in South Carolina (TECSC) and The Episcopal Church, along with a group that broke away from the Church in 2012—to enter into mediation in the ongoing dispute over enforcing the South Carolina Supreme Court’s 2017 decision on diocesan and parish properties. more


Adventures in Matrimonial Mediation: A Journey

Not only is matrimonial mediation more efficient and less painful than battling over these issues in court, but sometimes something remarkable happens. more


Judge grants extension in PBS lawsuit mediation

A federal judge yesterday granted an extension in the mediation between Dartmouth and nine plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit contending that College officials failed to act on allegations of sexual misconduct against three former psychological and brain sciences professors. more


Hope Solo Petitions Court To Join USWNT's Equal Pay Mediation As The Designated Ass-Kicker

The USWNT will soon enter mediation with the U.S. Soccer Federation in an effort to resolve the team’s equal pay lawsuit. Former USWNT star Hope Solo is concerned about whether the current national team will have the edge they need. more


Federal Judge Orders Mediation in Greystone Psychiatric Lawsuit

Plaintiffs allege conditions at Morris County hospital are dangerous for staffers and patients alike more


Indian FM denies Modi asked Trump for US mediation on Kashmir

Donald Trump's claim that PM Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate with Pakistan on Kashmir sets off a storm in India. more


How to Minimize Stress When You’re Mediating Conflict at Work

If you’ve ever been caught in the middle of a disagreement, you know how stressful it can be to fall into the role of the mediator. Step one: Think like a sportscaster, not a referee. more


12 Tips For Delivering Tough Feedback To A Manager As An HR Mediator

Human resources professionals must sometimes play messenger between employees and their managers. This typically happens when an employee feels uncomfortable approaching their manager directly about an issue or a problem—and being stuck in the middle can be a tough position. more


Can Mediators Add Value in the Transactional Context by Rescuing Deals at Risk of Falling Apart?

Let’s explore another non-litigation context in which mediators can add value — saving deals at risk of falling apart. more


Litigation v. Mediation: How businesses can win without going to court

Litigation is how we resolve most serious business disputes in this country. But our centuries-old adversarial system, while civil, is extremely expensive, time consuming, and often produces unsatisfactory results. So, is there a better way? There is – it’s called MEDIATION. more


USWNT Set Sights On Fight For Equal Pay In Upcoming Mediation With US Soccer

Chants of “equal pay“ have followed the team everywhere they go since defeating the Netherlands in the World Cup final. more


Oslo forum reflections: heating up: mediation and climate change

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in new conflicts and a simultaneous decline in successful agreements to end old wars. more


Bracketing in Mediation: When to Use It and Why It Works

Why bracketing works offers a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of negotiation and mediation. more


Canada to launch “world first” MedArb

ADR Institute of Canada pushes pioneering role with planned launch of new rules, designation and templates for Med-Arb. more


Federal Judge orders parties to mediation over conditions of migrant children detention centers

US Federal District Judge Dolly M. Gee of the Central District of California ordered the federal government and plaintiffs of a class action suit to mediation Friday to remedy conditions at migrant children detention centers. more


Ayodhya dispute: SC told no progress made in mediation

The Supreme Court was on Tuesday told by one of the parties from Hindu side to adjudicate Ayodhya dispute matter “on merit and decide it expeditiously”, on the ground that no progress has been made in the mediation. more


From the Talmud

Making peace in mediation by giving others the benefit of the doubt. more


The Benefits of Preventative Workplace Mediation

Resolving discrimination complaints internally before a charge is filed more


Save L.A.’s Dispute Resolution Program: Amy Alkon

A broad coalition of volunteer mediators are rising up to call for the program to be preserved. more


U.S. Women’s Team and Soccer Federation Agree to Mediation in Pay-Equity Suit

Players and their employer agree to begin mediation process after the current World Cup ends more


Report calls for greater use of mediation

A report has been launched which calls for mediation to be used to resolve disputes which would otherwise end up in court. The Expert Group on Mediation in Civil Justice in Scotland has launched a report which shows the value of mediation. more


China’s mediation ‘encourages’ Kim, Trump to rebuild friendly atmosphere

The third meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took place on Sunday in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of Panmunjom, which divides North and South Korea, with experts saying the historic event shows China's mediation has successfully encouraged the two sides to build an amicable relationship. more


More cases should be resolved through mediation: Judge

Expressing concern about less number of cases being resolved through mediation, Justice Vineet Kothari, the second senior-most judge of the Madras High Court, urged the panel advocates attached to the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), to settle more cases through the mechanism of alternative dispute resolution. more


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo asks for divorce mediation

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo announced their divorce recently. The couple is speculated to have asked for divorce mediation instead of a divorce agreement. more


John Sturrock: Still set on making mediation mainstream

While mediation is now used to a greater degree than in the past, various efforts over the past two decades or so to promote its benefits have not significantly changed a legal culture committed to litigation. more


Mediation - A choice or an order?

Mediation is usually a voluntary process. A consultation has recently been launched, however, on a proposed Mediation (Scotland) Bill. The proposal does not suggest mandatory mediation but instead proposes that when a case first comes to court, a duty mediator should be appointed who will meet with the parties. The point of that initial meeting is to float the idea of mediation. more


US Soccer and USWNT players agree to mediation over pay dispute

U.S. Soccer and the 28 women’s national team players who have sued the federation over pay inequity and other workplace issues have agreed to mediation, a sign their dispute could be headed toward a resolution. Mediation is expected to begin shortly after the Women’s World Cup ends July 7. more


Texas Court Says Express Consent is Key if You Want Your Mediator to Arbitrate Disputes That Arise When Memorializing a Settlement

If parties wish to empower their mediator to arbitrate open issues, however, the language in any settlement reached at the conclusion of a mediation should clearly and unambiguously express the consent of both parties for the mediator to serve in that role, as per a recent Texas appellate court decision. more


EEOC Celebrates The 20th Anniversary of Its Mediation Program

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the EEOC's mediation program, the Pittsburgh Field Office will host an open house where the public can meet Pittsburgh Area Office Director Roosevelt Bryant and EEOC mediation staff and learn about the benefits of the EEOC's ADR program. more