Mediation in Today's News

May 2022

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead to Attend Mediation in Custody Battle Over Son Hudson

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead’s custody battle continues. The TV stars, who share a 2-year-old son Hudson, have reportedly been ordered to attend mediation in June 2022. The development comes after Anstead filed for emergency full custody, claiming the Christina on the Coast star endangered Hudson.

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Nonlawyers Can Make Good Mediators

A nonlawyer mediator can reason with counsel and parties about the weakness of arguments from a nonlegal perspective.

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Nonprofits, schools train teens to settle their own arguments in hopes of preventing gun violence

Barner has been participating in conflict resolution training through a nonprofit called YEAH Philly. It’s a model that teaches teens who are engaged in an argument to name their emotions, communicate their feelings and agree on a peaceful end to a dispute.

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Why I volunteer: Tommy Oakman on The Mediation Center

Becoming a volunteer community mediator was a personal goal for me and a best natural step to take toward helping people.

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Can medical negligence cases be resolved through mediation?

Litigation continues to be the major means by which medical negligence disputes are resolved in Ireland. While the dominant policy agenda focuses on the direct financial cost of litigation, studies have suggested that the need for reform extends beyond financial and temporal concerns.

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Dissent and Dialogue: The Role of Mediation in Nonviolent Uprisings

While both mediation and nonviolent resistance have been the subject of significant scholarly work, the connection of the two fields has received less attention. This report explores several questions: When does mediation occur in the context of nonviolent campaigns? Who tends to mediate? What are the challenges, and what are the outcomes?

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Former MSU star Adreian Payne shot while unarmed, trying to mediate domestic dispute

Former Michigan State star Adreian Payne was shot and killed as he stood unarmed next to his car while trying to intervene in a domestic dispute, according to court documents.

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Fed Up With a Noisy Neighbor? Try Mediation, Not Litigation

There's an old adage in the legal world — divorces are awful, but at least you don't have to live with the person anymore. But, if you sue your neighbor, it can get just as ugly as a divorce, but when it's all over the "enemy" still lives next door.

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Nigeria: Senate passes bill to enact Arbitration and Mediation Act, three others for concurrence

The Senate, on Tuesday, passed a Bill to enact the Arbitration and Mediation Act to provide for a unified legal framework for the settlement of commercial disputes.

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NorthShore, Unvaccinated Staff Agree To Mediation In Vax Mandate Suit

NorthShore University HealthSystem and the group of employees who sued over its vaccine mandate agreed to mediation, court records show.

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Greitens' attorneys to decide on third-party mediator in custody case

Attorneys for former Missouri Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens and his ex-wife will deliver potential mediators for their custody dispute following a Tuesday morning hearing.

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UK Continental Shelf oil and gas mediation pilot program extended

The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) has extended the UKCS mediation pilot in order to gather further data to judge its overall value.

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Baltimore Community Mediation Center & The Ceasefire Weekend

The logo for this year's Mother's Day Ceasefire Weekend. The Baltimore Ceasefire movement is led by the same team of neighborhood activists who founded and still lead the Baltimore Community Mediation Center.

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The United States has supported successful mediation in 11 vicious conflicts since 1990: Could Ukraine make it an even dozen?

Up to now, the United States, along with its Western partners, has been rightly preoccupied with furnishing Ukraine the weapons needed to defend itself against massive Russian aggression. However, they also need to use their considerable leverage with both sides to promote neutral third-party mediation to deescalate this particularly dangerous war.

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Bar’s Grievance Mediation and Fee Arbitration Program Seeks Volunteers

The Florida Bar’s Grievance Mediation and Fee Arbitration Program is seeking new volunteers to serve in the program.

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Blue Cross, UMMC Agree To Mediation To Settle Contract Dispute

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and University of Mississippi Medical Center have agreed to utilize a mediation process to settle the contract dispute that has left the state’s largest hospital out of network with its largest insurer.

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Consider Mediation Instead Of Going To Court

It’s less expensive and time-consuming, and compromise is possible.

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Mediation to begin in contract dispute between RI, gov candidate Ashley Kalus
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Ashley Kalus’s company is slated to begin closed-door mediation proceedings with the R.I. Department of Health this week, kicking off an unusual process tied to a dispute over the firm’s COVID-19 testing contract with the state. read more

April 2022

Judge urges warring neighbours to consider mediation to avoid court battle

Dublin County Registrar Rita Considine and her next door neighbours, who are warring over alleged breaches of planning permission and trespass on her property, have been invited by a judge to allow their case to be determined by mediation rather than by the court.

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Violence interrupters' mediate conflict, help victims & priority neighborhoods

The trained group of 'violence interrupters' is part of 414 Life, a program with the Office of Violence Prevention

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Intercultural cities: good practice examples

The Intercultural city aims at building its policies and identity on the explicit acknowledgement that diversity can be a resource for the development of the society.

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David and Goliath legal dispute over cauliflower thins settled after mediation

A year after cauliflower-fueled startup Outer Aisle Gourmet accused bakery giant Bimbo Bakeries USA of hardball tactics in a David vs Goliath-style lawsuit over ‘sandwich thins,’ the case has been dismissed with prejudice, with the two parties agreeing to a settlement.

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Prince Harry wants to use a mediator to fix ‘difficult’ relationship with Prince William, royal expert claims

Royal author Katie Nicholl says the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge are at 'a crossroads'

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Is Vaccinating your Children for COVID-19 an Emergency Parenting Decision?
Under most parenting plans, there is typically one situation that does not require a joint decision. To that end, most orders allow parents to make unilateral decisions about medical care in the event of an emergency. read more


Snyder: The Adjusters' and Lawyers' Remote Mediation Secret

COVID-19 changed our lives in oh-so-many ways. Courthouses and government buildings shut, and we were forced to suddenly embrace virtual platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Microsoft Teams. Now that restrictions are lifting, many of us don't want to go back to our pre-pandemic business model. We want to keep working from home, at least some of the time. And we want mediations to stay remote.

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Old Yeller and the Case for The Great, Big Virtual Mediation
We have learned that two-dimensional, moving and talking images have the power to convey not only the words of human conversation, but also the emotions, inflections, mood, and other complexities of real communication that come with face-to-face meetings. read more


Pickleball Parley: Denver DA suggests mediation between Parks Department and Central Park man accused of drawing pickleball markings on rec center court

"The Mayor of Pickleball looks forward to an opportunity to sit down with Denver Parks and Recreation in mediation to resolve this complete Pickleball Goof-Up."

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National Judicial Conference on Mediation and IT

President, Law Minister, CJI bat for mediation to check case pendency

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Early Mediation in Fiduciary Disputes

Denise Rahne sat down with former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, whose experience as a practitioner, judge, and mediator provides him with a unique perspective on early mediation efforts in fiduciary disputes.

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Restorative justice solutions for youth are growing abroad, can they become part of the mix in the U.S.

As schools have returned to in-person instruction, advocates for children say they’re starting to see an uptick in juvenile justice complaints. We look at how diversion works in other countries.

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Gretchen Lee, Mountain Mediation Center, on DEI and Housing

Aligning Community Goals: DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and Housing.

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Greitens attorney pushes back in family court case, asks for mediation

An attorney for former Missouri governor Eric Greitens asked a judge to order Greitens and his ex-wife to go through mediation to settle their differences.

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Mountain Mediation hosts a community conversation on the housing crisis and its impacts on equity

The Mountain Mediation Center is holding a bilingual community conversation titled “Let’s Talk About the Housing Crisis.”

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Right Resolution for Wrong Advances – Mediating Employment-Related Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Claims

As a result of recently passed landmark legislation, claimants and litigants can now expect to see a surge in the mediation of workplace sexual harassment and sexual discrimination claims. Under the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act, employers will now no longer be able to mandate the arbitration of employment-related sexual harassment or sexual discrimination claims.

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March 2022

Mediation service at Elon University raises awareness on student conflict services

Under the Office of Student Conduct at Elon, there is conflict coaching, facilitated dialogue, mediation, and restorative circle or conversation. The mediation service inside the Office of Student Conduct resolves conflicts between students confidentially and without punishment.

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Bankruptcy mediations begin for Archdiocese of Santa Fe

SANTA FE, N.M. – This week could be an important one for the hundreds of New Mexicans who were sexually assaulted by clergy in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. The church and all parties with claims in its bankruptcy proceedings, began mediation Monday.

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Gay man rejects mediation after filing support group complaint

Following weeks of back-and-forth discussions between a gay San Francisco man and the organizers of a support group for people living with HIV over the age of 50, he has decided against rejoining the group after being subjected to what he said were humiliating and shaming comments from other group members, as well as a facilitator.

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Adam Oakes' family hopeful mediation with suspect will bring answers

RICHMOND, Va. -- Andrew White, 23, was Oakes' "big brother" and pled guilty to unlawful hazing and purchasing alcohol for a minor. As part of his plea deal that included no jail time, was the White would take part in a restorative justice meeting with the Oakes family.

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Gulf Coast: Class I’s, Port Seek Mediation. Amtrak Says ‘No’

Surface Transportation Board-sponsored mediation is the best means “to facilitate a prompt and orderly commencement of Gulf Coast passenger service while protecting the customers and shipping partners that rely on quality freight rail service.” While Amtrak opposes their recent joint motion for mediation, all parties agree that an “amicable resolution” may be possible.

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Community mediation aids social justice and peace in Syria’s war-torn Deir Ezzor

Since 2021, a number of activists and social actors, in cooperation with five civil society associations and organizations, namely Dirna, Furatna, Sama, Mary and Ensaf, have called for the formation of community mediation committees to resolve legal and other disputes, and to break the cycle of violence in the conflict-ridden society.

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The good news about mediation

Settling a contract dispute with your roofer, dividing marital property in a divorce, settling insurance claims are all fair game for mediation. Whether court-referred or private, mediation is a process where a trained, impartial mediator helps people communicate, understand each other, explore options for mutual gain, and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties.

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Bobsled, skeleton athletes send third letter rejecting "Band-Aid" mediation plan

Canadian bobsled and skeleton athletes remain steadfast in their refusal to accept their national sport organization's "unacceptable" mediation plan.

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Resolving Sexual Misconduct Disputes in the Workplace: What Now?
Now that the United States has banned the use of pre-dispute arbitration in sexual harassment and sexual assault cases, we need to re-evaluate how these kinds of cases are best resolved. Will we see a rise in cases making their way to the courts, or will we see mediation emerge as the go-to method for resolving these cases? read more


Workplace Mediation Series | EP.04 | How to Set Up your Workplace Mediation

This podcast series on Workplace Mediation accompanies ‘CEDR’s Complete Guide to Workplace Mediation’ which can be accessed below. The series will convene leading workplace mediators to provide practical advice on dispute resolution for those responsible for addressing workplace conflict.

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Mediation is win-win option for civil disputes during pandemic

One option that has grown in popularity over the past decade or so is mediation, also known as facilitation. This process involves a neutral mediator who can help the parties strike their own settlement on their own terms.

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My Job as a Family Mediator Is to Minimize the Fallout of Divorce.

Even with two great attorneys, it can be hard to settle things without that neutral person who hears from both sides that can help find resolutions that everyone can live with. “It’s not divorce that’s bad for kids; it’s conflict,” says Katie Bennett.

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How to Mediate Amid a Power Imbalance

Though mediation is intended to provide a neutral, fair environment for the resolution of disputes, it often does not begin as a level playing field. One party may hold a significant advantage in terms of finances, legal advice or more personal factors. Is it the job of a competent mediator to address this imbalance?

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Mediation Room named in honor of Magistrate Mary McElwee

WILMINGTON — Longtime Clinton County Common Pleas Court Magistrate Mary McElwee was given a retirement party Friday at the county courthouse where the Mediation Room will be named in her honor.

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February 2022

East Jordan High School students produce videos for Northern Community Mediation
Northern Community Mediation has been working with five of teacher Matt Hamilton’s students at East Jordan High School to produce videos promoting mediation. Northern Community Mediation executive director Dr. Jane Millar met with the class in November to explain mediation and the services offered by the nonprofit organization.

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Purdue Pharma bankruptcy mediator says Sacklers, US states closer to deal over opioid claims

A mediator reported on Tuesday that members of the Sackler family that own Purdue Pharma and U.S. states opposed to the OxyContin-maker's bankruptcy exit plan are "even closer" to a settlement over claims that the company fueled a U.S. opioid epidemic.

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