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“I cannot thank you enough for the time you put into resolving this very complex case.  Your efforts and experience go a long way in helping litigants resolve cases out of court.”     

“I never would have expected our case to settle.  It did because of your intellect, fast read, understanding  of the area of law involved, and exceptional demeanor.”

“The mediator was serious about settling our case.”

“I found Scott able to grasp issues very quickly and relay the deal between both parties very reasonably.”

“Mr. Gilmore was far more prepared and knowledgeable of the case facts PRIOR to the mediation start – this I feel was the key in resolving the matter quickly."

“It is so helpful to have a mediator that clearly understands the law and the legal process."

"Scott Gilmore comported himself fairly and professionally.  He was candid and concise in his observations and assessment of this case.  I would highly recommend his services as an impartial neutral."

"'The neutral in this case was really excellent.  He helped me to see the single shortcoming in taking my case to trial, to appreciate fully the strengths of my client's position and resolve the matter fairly."

"This mediator is the most talented mediator I have had the pleasure of working with."

"The neutral was exceptional.  He quickly grasped and understood essential issues of the case." 

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