300 South Grand Avenue - 37th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Phone: (213) 621-0832

Full day rate:  $4500  Full day rate includes all convening efforts, preparation and eight hours spent in mediation. (Example: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

Half day rate:  $2500  Half day rate includes all convening efforts, preparation and four hours of time spent in mediation. 

 Hourly rate beyond full day or half day minimums: $500 per hour rounded up to the whole hour.

 Additional charges apply for cases with more than two parties.  Please inquire when scheduling the mediation.

 There are no additional administrative or "case management" fees.

Payment is required in full ten (10) days before the mediation.  Mediations cancelled within seven days of the date set are subject to a charge of 25% of the deposit.






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