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Based upon his extensive experience in both the litigation and mediation fields, SCOTT GILMORE brings a unique, personable and successful approach to mediation.   SCOTT has practiced law for more than 35 years, specializing in business related litigation, including general business, contract, real estate, construction, employment, corporate and partnership matters. SCOTT has extensive experience trying both jury and court trials, and has handled numerous arbitrations to conclusion. SCOTT has also served as a private mediator for more than ten years, and has mediated more than 500 cases over that period to time.

SIX REASONS why you should consider SCOTT to mediate your dispute:

1.   SCOTT’s friendly demeanor and focused listening skills will put counsel and the parties at ease, which is vital to reaching the settlement of a dispute.

2.   SCOTT brings an energetic approach to mediation and will work tirelessly to help the parties reach a resolution, without regard to the time constraints of the mediation format.  SCOTT has worked with parties and counsel as late as 3:00 a.m. to reach a settlement, and is often able to settle matters by follow up phone calls or further correspondence if a resolution is not reached at the initial mediation session.

3.   Due to his lengthy and continuing litigation practice, SCOTT has an extensive and current knowledge of the law in the areas in which he mediates.

4.   Due to his continuing litigation practice, SCOTT has current knowledge of the status of the courts and the possible outcomes of a trial, which he will utilize to assist the parties in realizing that a negotiated resolution is usually preferable to the “roll of the dice” in proceeding to trial.

5.   SCOTT gets cases settled, and usually the parties leave having realized that a negotiated settlement was the preferable approach -- rather than continuing with risks, uncertainties and expense inherent in litigation.  

6.   SCOTT will always protect the relationship between counsel and their clients, as well as confidential nature of the potential weaknesses of each side’s position so that -- in the rare situation where the matter is not settled -- neither side is adversely impacted by having attempted mediation.




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