ADR Project Management

During my business career, I managed large scale real estate portfolios, negotiated complex redevelopments of historic landmarks, and helped growing companies thrive through teamwork and innovation. This experience taught me collaborative negotiation and servant leadership.

It has been a pleasure to apply these skills in the formation of conflict transformation platforms for nonprofit organizations.

The Bar Association of San Francisco
Conflict Intervention Service

CIS intervenes in conflict and disputes that lead to homelessness. We deliver communication coaching and mediation to publicly assisted housing providers and residents. As the program's Mediation Counsel, I design and implement services, recruit and train mediators, and market the program to community stakeholders.

The King County Bar Association
Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Service

This initiative formed a mediation and arbitration panel as part of the KCBA Lawyer Referral Service, leading to a robust interdisciplinary platform serving the Northwest. Our mission is to increase access to justice by providing affordable professional services that engage conflict constructively. Working with the ADR Section marketing committee, I provide strategic input, operational guidance, and community outreach.