About Roger

My "accidental" career in retail real estate blessed me in unexpected ways. It placed me in some beautiful, dynamic and wildly diverse American destinations: San Francisco, Manhattan, Maui, Charleston, San Luis Obispo, the Puget Sound and the high desert of the Four Corners, among others. I love and seek landscapes that offer history, mystery and great views.

Living and working in urban and pastoral communities, negotiating among a range of cultural perspectives and business contexts was exhilarating and taught me so much about life. I’ve learned that whatever the controversy, no matter how seemingly “business” in nature, the collision of interests is fraught with fear and other emotional charges. When we illuminate these things, the conflict becomes manageable.

As a professional, I’ve been a corporate executive, mentor, lobbyist, attorney, broker. I’ve closed countless deals; most importantly, I’ve helped resolve diverse disputes. I have sat in these contexts as principal, agent, as well as facilitator, affording me insight into the many unique perspectives each brings to the table.

In 2001, a crisis with my health led to transformative life change. I adopted holistic solutions to personal issues, which underscored my professional approach to problem solving. Contemplative practices are part of my daily routine, and are integral to my work. They engender a detached perspective, diminish dualistic thinking, and animate creative problem-solving.

I returned to the West Coast in 2011, offering the benefits of my experience and perspective in new ways to a broader audience. In my leisure time, I passionately pursue activities involving conservation, community service, astronomy and space exploration, ambient music, independent films and the medium of radio.