There are no set-up, administrative or case management fees.

Daily rate:     $2,500.00 per 8 hour day + preparation

Hourly rate:   $350.00 per hour.  

Minimum schedule times:

  • Mediation - Personal injury, collection, business mediations - 3 hours  for two-party cases and 4 hours for three party or more cases
  • Mediation -Employment, family matters, real estate - 4 hours
  • Binding Arbitrations - 4 hours

Mediator's time includes document and/or brief review, mediation session.

For arbitrations, time includes review of briefs and exhibits, arbitration hearing, and preparation of written award.

Initial advance deposits are due 14 days prior to the scheduled arbitration or mediation date.  The initial deposit is based on an estimate by the parties and Mediator of the length of time for the mediation session.  Daily rates are available upon request.   If the matter exceeds the minimum advance, the parties will be billed accordingly and expected to remit additional payment within 10 days.

Ms. Barrett will travel to a site chosen by the parties for a 6 hour mediation or arbitration.  Otherwise all mediations/arbitrations are held at her offices in Upland, California.


If a scheduled matter is cancelled less than ten business days prior to the date, one-half the fee is required. There is no fee for rescheduling.


To schedule a mediation or arbitration, you may fill out the Hearing Request Form, or contact our offices at (909) 920-0877.    Our office will contact all parties and coordinate a mutually convenient date and time.    Matters typically are scheduled to commence at 10:00 a.m. to allow morning court appearances or at 1:00 p.m.  However, we are flexible to fit within the parameters of the parties' availability.


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