Conflict Consulting Services


Tom has more than forty years of experience in designing conflict management systems and dispute resolution systems for organizations and for construction and development projects.  Specifically, he has worked with hundreds of organizations in dozens of industries and helped them develop and implement dispute resolution and conflict management systems for the organization.  He has also helped organizations involved in a construction or development project develop and implement a conflict management system for their particular project.  This has occurred in both unionized and non-union environments. Tom also specializes in coaching individuals caught up in conflict situations within organizations, that are diminishing their effectiveness and the effectiveness of the organization.


Conflict is an inevitable aspect of social intercourse and it can be either constructive or destructive.  Sometimes, it is both.  My role as a conflict consultant is to assist individuals, organizations and collections of organizations develop and implement systems to manage the potentially destructive aspects of conflict and harness the constructive aspects of conflict.  I believe the individuals who are responsible for organizations know, through intuition and experience, where debilitating conflict is occurring or likely to occur.  My responsibility is to assist in developing and implementing systems to effectively manage these conflicts.


There is a one time, non-refundable $250 administrative set up fee for all engagements. Standard rates are $250 per hour.  Special rates for long-term projects may be negotiated.  All expenses are pass-through with no mark up.  All air travel is billed at coach rate.

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