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Tom Owens has more than forty years of experience facilitating communicating within and between organizations and between individuals.  He has served as facilitator for many team conferences and retreats, strategic planning conferences, collective bargaining planning conferences and project planning conferences.  He has conducted many training sessions for organizations on subjects as diverse as dispute resolution in the work place, discrimination and harassment in the work place, and leadership in the work place.  Tom also consults with and coaches individual managers and executives on leadership and communication issues.  Tom has extensive experience in applying the principles of neuro-linguistic programming, other communications technologies and social psychology to individual and organizational communicating. 


Two phenomena that make we humans unique is our consciousness of ourselves in relation to our environment and our use of language to communicate with one another.  While words are important, human communicating involves much more than the use of words. The more adept we are at communicating with ourselves and others, the more learning and success we will experience in all of our endeavors and the closer we will approach realization of our full potential.  We actually create our own reality by communicatiing.  My function as a communications facilitator is to assist individuals and organizations in maximizing the effectiveness of their communicating.


Rates for communications facilitation services are negotiated on a project by project basis and are primarily based on the duration and complexity of the project.  Many projects are compensated on a lump sum basis.  There is a one-time, non-refundable administrative set-up fee of $250 for most projects.  Travel outside the Anchorage area, lodging and subsistence, and reimbursable expenses associated with a project are charged at actual cost.  Air travel charges are billed at the coach rate.

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