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Tom has extensive experience coaching individuals as developing adults, individuals in transition in their lives, individuals in crisis, and individuals seeking realization of their full potential.  Tom serves coaching clients throughout the United States because, once a personal relationship and rapport are established, coaching through telephone conversations can be very effective.  Tom also coaches organizations, teams and individual executives on maximizing their effectiveness in the business world.


Tom was lucky enough to train as a coach with the legendary Frederic Hudson, Ph.D., at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  Although he is also trained as a counseling psychologist, Tom does not approach coaching as therapy.  Also, coaching is not training.  Instead, coaching involves an intimate, confidential, personalized process in which the coach and client work together to enable the client to gain control over his or her life, develop more choices for the future and a greater enjoyment of the present. Organizational and team coaching involves working together to enable the organization or team to realize more effectiveness, while providing more satisfaction for its individual members.  Tom fully adheres to Frederic Hudson’s description of coaching as “leading from the rear”.


Coaching contracts and rates are individually negotiated, usually for three month or six month blocs of time for a lump sum.  The client is completely in charge of the frequency of encounter within the guidelines of the contract and the client is completely in control of the substantive aspects of the coaching.  Extension of the coaching relationship is by mutual agreement.

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