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Tom has more than forty years of experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements and business and personal contracts covering a vast variety of subjects and transactions. His labor contract negotiating experience is extensive and includes negotiating collective bargaining agreements and project labor agreements for employers in dozens of private sector industries, as well as public sector and educational institution contracts. His business negotiating experience is also extensive and encompasses almost every kind of business transaction imaginable. Tom's negotiation experience includes many engagements in which he coached a negotiating team, rather than negotiating directly for the client. It is no overstatement to say that Tom’s “second home” is at the bargaining table.




Formal negotiations involve a communications and psychological skill set that can only be achieved through hands-on experience. When I am coaching a negotiating team or negotiating for the client, my approach is to first fully understand the client’s needs and interests, and then work to efficiently negotiate to create an effective agreement that advances and protects those interests and the client’s negotiating goals, without unduly transgressing upon the interests of other parties. I do not view negotiation as combat; it is the seeking of common ground.




There is a one time administrative fee of $250 for each engagement. Consulting time is charged at $175 per hour. Negotiating time is charged at $250 per hour. All expenses are pass-through without a mark up. Air travel is charged at the coach rate. Special rates for long term projects may be negotiated. 

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