Mediation Services


Tom has more than forty years of experience participating in mediated negotiations.  His early experience was as an advocate/counselor and his later experience has been as a neutral mediator.  Tom’s experience as a mediator is enhanced by his extensive experience in negotiating collective bargaining agreements between management and organized labor and settlement agreements in litigation situations.  Tom’s services as a mediator include mediating disputes between individuals and between organizations; two party and multi-party; business disputes, personal disputes, commercial disputes, environmental disputes and public policy disputes.


The mediator is a servant of the parties.  The parties control the solution to their dispute and my job as mediator is to help them find that solution. In order for the agreed upon solution for the dispute to endure, the parties must have found procedural, emotional and substantive satisfaction with the mediated negotiations.  All of my efforts are dedicated to that end.


There is a one time, non-refundable administrative fee of $250, or $50 per party if there are more than five parties.  Preparation time is charged at $200 per hour, which includes reviewing submissions, research time, attending pre-mediation conferences, and any other services which are requested by the parties.  Time spent in mediated negotiations is charged at $250 per hour with a minimum of four hours charged.  All expenses are pass-through without a mark up.  Air travel is charged at the coach rate. In many cases the parties share the costs of the mediation.

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