Litigation Consulting Services


Tom Owens has more than forty years of experience in all types of litigation.  He is a veteran of many jury trials, both criminal and civil, as well as many bench trials, arbitrations and administrative agency hearings.  Tom has considerable experience in facilitating focus groups, preparing and utilizing juror questionnaires, jury de-selection, planning voire dire, preparing jury profiles and designing trial communication programs. He consults with attorneys in all of these areas.  Tom’s experience, coupled with his training in psychology and neuro-linguistic programming make him the ideal litigation consultant. 


The key to successful litigation is effective communication with the trier of fact, be it judge or jury.  Human communication is both a science and an art.  Jurors (and judges) form their opinions and make their decisions in accordance with their belief systems and world views and the language with which they are presented.  Belief systems seldom change during the course of a trial.  Jurors also have preferred communication modes (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) in which they will comprehend, store and sort much more information.  Jurors usually reveal some of their belief systems and their preferred communication modes, verbally and non-verbally, when responding to juror questionnaires, responding to voire dire and during the course of the trial.  The purpose of litigation consulting is to develop a detailed knowledge of the "beliefs profile" and "communication profile" of each juror and tailor the communications efforts of the advocacy team to take maximum advantage of that knowledge.


The usual contract calls for payment at an hourly rate plus expenses.  There is a one time, non-refundable administrative set up fee of $250.  Preparation activities are charged at $200 per hour. “In session” activities are charged at $250 per hour.  Usual reimbursable expenses are pass-through without mark up.  Air travel is billed at the coach rate.

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