Arbitration Services


Tom Owens has more than forty years of experience in arbitration as a neutral and as an advocate.  Having participated in more than a hundred arbitrations involving almost every conceivable subject and industry, Tom brings a rich and varied experience to each arbitration.  Tom no longer serves as an advocate in arbitration – only as a neutral. Arbitrations are conducted pursuant to written agreement provided by the parties or by Tom.


The arbitrator is a servant of the parties and takes his authority from the agreements, course of dealing, and documents which govern the relating between the parties.  The arbitrator is hired to resolve a dispute between the parties concerning what their agreements and obligations are – not to substitute his judgment for the judgments of the parties or create a new agreement between them.  The arbitrator is obligated to conduct the arbitration in accordance with the agreed-upon rules governing the arbitration and render a decision promptly after closing the hearing.  The over-arching principles which should guide the arbitrator are: faithfulness to the agreements of the parties and fairness to all parties. 


There is a one time, non-refundable administrative set up fee of $250.00.  Preparation time is charged at $200 per hour.  Time spent in arbitration hearings and preparing the arbitration findings and award is charged at $250.00 per hour, with a minimum of four hours charged.  The minimum is charged when an arbitration hearing is cancelled less than forty-eight hours before the scheduled time for the hearing.  Usual reimbursable expenses are pass-through with no mark up.  Air travel is billed at the coach rate.

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