Welcome to the web site of Thomas P. Owens Jr. 

Tom is trained as an attorney, psychologist, mediator, arbitrator, negotiator and personal coach offering a variety of services to individuals and organizations engaged in endeavors that require effective human communication.  Tom lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and offers his services throughout the United States and the English speaking world.

After more than forty years of experience in the practice of civil, commercial and labor law as a negotiator, litigator and counselor, Tom switched his practice to that of a professional neutral.  On these pages, you can learn more about the services Tom provides as an Arbitrator, Communications Facilitator, Conflict Consultant, Litigation Consultant, Mediator, Negotiator and Personal Coach

Tom can be reached at 3705 Arctic Blvd., #2717, Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Telephone 907.274-6883
Facsimile 907.272-7090

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