Maryland Divorce Mediation

Nancy Caplan, Esquire

SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS (including when the mediator is on vacation)


I.         PROCEDURE 

Submit the “Contact Us” form on the "Contact Us" tab HERE.

Provide me with BOTH parties’ names, email addresses and phone numbers. 

Submit at least 2 appointment dates and indicate if you are looking for a  morning,  afternoon or evening appointment.   Appointments will be   allocated on a first reserved  basis.    

 Begin the preparation for the appointment (see below). 



Below are my standard suggested mediation preparation guidelines. If certain portions of this preparation seem inapplicable to your situation (for instance some parties have already discussed some or all topics), only complete the portions that in your judgment, you deem relevant.  We will only go so long as the negotiations are productive so please don't worry if you can't gather all of the information.  Very often the initial meeting is utilized to explain the process, set an agenda and help to determine what and how preparation should be completed. 


At the first session I will also record intake information, review my mediation process together and develop your agenda of topics for negotiation.


Commonly gathered information includes:


1. Income information, including tax returns for the last  year (including tax returns for business interests) and current income information (i.e. pay stubs).  If a party receives a bonus, please know what the bonuses were for the last 3 years.


2. Health insurance costs (broken down by coverage, i.e. husband and wife or family policy costs $____, AND individual/employee only costs $_______. ) I will need to know "employee only" costs as well to determine the cost to carry each party.


3. Latest Statements/Appraisals (if any). In addition, bring all your most recent statements relating to your mortgage, bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, credit card accounts, home values (appraisals, etc.) and recent statements relating to car payments and car insurance.


4. Financial Statement. Below is a link to the financial statement form utilized in family cases relating to expenses. Print it out. Basically we may be analyzing each spouse's residential living costs, recurrent bills, etc., Don't get hung up on the little things (like postage, etc.)- I'm looking for the big picture on monthly expenses. We will work to complete it together and much of the information is gathered for the follow up sessions. We will also work to determine what other information and/or documents are needed to complete the negotiations to settlement.


5.  Specific Major Children Expenses.  This includes work-related child care expenses; extraordinary medical or educational expenses and the like. 


6.    Other Information. If there is any other information which either of you think is relevant, of course, bring it. Do not worry if you don't have every last piece of information, we will only go as far as the information we have. Generally people need to collect additional information after the first session.



Unless you two agree otherwise you will each be responsible to pay one-half of total of my session with you. My hourly rate is $250/hour ($125.00/person/hour if payment is to be equally divided). I anticipate the first session lasting no more than 2 and 1/2 hours; however your session may be terminated whenever you feel it is appropriate to do so.



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