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Cheap Divorce in Maryland?

Is there such thing as a "cheap divorce" in Maryland?  

The short answer is no.  Divorce is costly.  If all property has been divided, the family home sold, and there are no children, then your divorce should be cheaper than a more complex divorce with lots of issues.

However divorce mediation in Maryland is still the cheaper than litigation by a long shot. In fact, folks in litigation often spend more on legal fees than what they are fighting about.  Why is that? Because the normal emotions of divorce fuel that irrational fight.  

Divorce Mediation focuses only on settling your family law issues.  Escalation of emotions are diffused by the mediator.  Face-to-face negotiations allow natural venting between the parties in a way that "gets it out."  The goal?   When all is said and done, both parties are satisfied that they were "heard" and recieved a fair share of assets and debt and child issues are sorted.

So there is no such thing as a "cheap divorce" in Maryland or elsewhere.  The cost of divorce depends on the complexity of the issues, the emotions of the parties, and the skill of a good mediator.

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