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Mediator-Attorney in Maryland
A Mediator who also happens to be an attorney brings specific expertise as an attorney into the separation and divorce mediation process.   The Mediator who is also an attorney has a firm grasp of all of the topics and issues which should be raised in a separation or divorce mediation.  The Maryland Mediator-Attorney “hears” the legal questions being raised so that the mediation participants’ consultations with their attorneys are efficient and specific.    The Maryland Mediator who is also an attorney see danger signs (i.e. tax implications) of certain agreements being discussed and is able to provide importance guidance on such issues as alimony and child support and transfers of property between divorcing couples.  
Whether the issues relate to child custody, alimony, child support, the family home or other division of property in the State of Maryland, using the services of a Maryland Mediator who is also an attorney will help mediation participants feel more confident that their final agreements will be acceptable to their lawyers at the attorney review stage. The Mediator Attorney is the best way to proceed through the separation and divorce process in Maryland in a fair and efficient manner.

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