Mediation in Today's News

June 2018

Our View: Quick success in school mediation

This could have been a long, nasty war of attrition, taking a big toll on two of Cumberland County’s most important governing boards. Instead, it was over after one mediation session.

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7 Times Mediation Won't Work For A Broken Relationship (And You Should Just Get Divorced)

In some situations, mediation just may not be worth it.  Here are seven situations where mediation may not be the best choice.

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Bullying and sexual harassment: can mediation help?

Harassment and bullying remain significant workplace issues despite increasing awareness of the problem. Research has shown that over half of women have experienced sexual harassment at work, rising to two-thirds of women age 18-24 years old.

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Idea Exchange: Why Suffolk set up an in-house mediation service

In-house mediation is helping resolve differences early and reduce the use of formal grievance procedures.

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Tri-Community Mediation Hold Discussions on How People Address Race

SALISBURY, Md.- On Monday night Tri-Community Mediation hosted the first of three screenings and discussions on how community members in Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties address race. After three confidential conversations with a variety of community members over the last couple of months, the organization put together a 26 minute-long video to present to the public.

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Official: Jefferson County readying for mediation over allegations against sheriff

PORT TOWNSEND — Jefferson County is preparing to enter into mediation over allegations of misconduct against Sheriff Dave Stanko, Jefferson County Administrator Philip Morley said Monday.

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Federal program boots some prisoner lawsuits to mediation

Starting this week, certain Michigan prisoners representing themselves in federal civil rights lawsuits will be required to enter mediation almost as soon as their complaints are filed. The two-year “Early Mediation Program” is expected to save the state money and allow prisoners more of a say in potential settlement language.

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Art world legal disputes head to The Hague

An alternative to going to court over art world legal disputes will be launched in the Netherlands.

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May 2018

Hamas Leader: Mediation to Return to Ceasefire Agreement

Al-Hayia said, in press statement on Wednesday, that Palestinian resistance factions were able to overcome the Israeli aggression and change rules of engagement, adding that several mediations have taken place in past hours. “We reached an agreement to return back to ceasefire agreements,” he stated, according to Al Ray.

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Trump Pick to Run Mediation Service Lands at EPA. What Happened?

An ardent Donald Trump supporter is now leading an Environmental Protection Agency regional office, despite his still-pending nomination to direct the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

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Vietnam launches mediation centre for trade-related issues

The Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) held a ceremony on May 29 to launch the Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC) and announce the mediation code, under the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank (WB) Group.

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Oakland court bars Rockwell CEO Rob Chioini from business he founded

Oakland Circuit judge orders Rockwell Medical and former CEO and founder into mediation.

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The Expert Witness: A Seldom Used but Powerful Resource to Improve Your Mediation Success

This article will address the important considerations in determining whether to involve your expert witness in mediation.

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Resolving California Trust and Estate Disputes – A Mediator’s Perspective

Many California trust and estate disputes are resolved by mediation instead of a final adjudication in the Superior Court. Mediation can offer a custom-crafted resolution to a case that avoids the stress, expense and unpredictability of a trial.

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Mediation preparation includes clients too

mediation is a significant event, perhaps the most significant event in any case that ultimately settles.

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Facing A Looming Deadline, Housing Advocates Push To Extend Mediation Policy

If you face foreclosure in Rhode Island, you’re guaranteed a sit-down with your bank, to try and mediate a deal. But that guarantee is set to expire in July.

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Mediators’ Institute hits out at ‘misleading’ media coverage of mediation

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) has criticised “misleading” media coverage of mediation in reporting on the Vicky Phelan case.

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Historian wants mediator to settle Fugitive Slave Chapel spat

A London historian fears a fight over leadership of the Fugitive Slave Chapel project may threaten the site's future.

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Kearney-Brown requests mediation for Vallejo school board

One Vallejo school trustee believes a third-party mediator should be brought in to help improve the relationship amongst the board. Board Vice President Marianne Kearney-Brown says she has been asking the district to bring in a mediator for the last few months.

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EPA initiates second round of mediation on Housatonic River cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency is working concurrently on two parallel tracks to come up with a final cleanup and disposal agreement for General Electric’s remediation of the “Rest of the River” stretch of the Housatonic River. The agency has initiated mediation proceedings, while, at the same time, it is continuing administrative proceedings with the Environmental Appeals Board of EPA that may end in litigation.

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Best Practices for Construction Mediation Success: Preparing for Mediation

Preparing for mediation includes choosing a mediator, deciding on the logistics of mediation and submitting pre-mediation statements.

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AVA formalises Cat Welfare Society's role as mediator for cat-related issues in Singapore

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has appointed Cat Welfare Society (CWS) as its third-party mediator for cat-related issues, noting that the arrangement will be for a year.

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Farmers Branch rejects Addison's mediation offer in dispute over shared creek

Farmers Branch has declined a mediation offer by the town of Addison to resolve a 7-year-old dispute over the quality of water flowing through a shared creek.

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Chestnut Hill awaiting mediation in racial discrimination case

Chestnut Hill College, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, is awaiting a mediation with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (or PHRC) in a case of racial discrimination that has brought the school criticism for how it has handled the legal proceedings.

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State grant-in-aid supports mediations, family meetings for seniors

The Ku?ikahi and West Hawaii mediation centers are receiving state grant-in-aid funds to support mediations and facilitated family meetings for seniors ages 60 and older.

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'First-of-a-kind' mediation centre opens in Leicester

A new mediation centre, thought to be the first of its kind in Leicester, has opened in the city with the aim of helping businesses, families and individuals resolve conflict without having to appoint a solicitor or go to court.

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How would mediation work for my firm as an alternative way of dealing with disputes?

Mediation involves an independent, neutral mediator helping parties to agree through collaborative engagement.

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Tenant-Landlord Mediation Program Comes to I.V.

The Isla Vista Community Services District (I.V. CSD) launched its new landlord tenant mediation program on Tuesday which will provide renters and landlords in I.V. with legal assistance in resolving tenant-landlord disputes.

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Man accused of kicking child at playground seeks mediation

A man who allegedly kicked a boy at the playground of a mall in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, is seeking mediation by the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) to clarify the incident.

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China requires better training for mediators

China has issued a guideline to improve its mediation teams nationwide, asking for more professional training and strict management of mediators.

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8-year-old boy settles birth injury case for €5m after mediation

An 8-year old boy with cerebral palsy who sued the HSE over the circumstances of his birth at Sligo General Hospital has settled his High Court action for €5m. The settlement in the case of Kyle Carpenter took place after mediation talks between the sides.

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Nicholas County Mediation Team Release Plan for Rebuilding Schools

The Nicholas County mediation team have released a potential plan for the rebuilding of Nicholas County Schools. The plan includes school locations and configurations.

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Brooklyn will be home to matrimonial mediation pilot program

Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine, the supervising judge of the Kings County Matrimonial Court would like to see more matrimonial cases solved out of court in mediation so he, in his role in the chief administrative judge’s Matrimonial Practice Advisory and Rules Committee, has developed a pilot program for Brooklyn designed to funnel people into mediation.

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Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program offers free services to producers

The Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program is helpful if issues arise with lenders, creditors or the USDA agencies over loans, credit, wetland determinations, farm program compliance, crop insurance or other agriculture-related topics.

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April 2018

CSJP Partners With TVJ to Promote Mediation

The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) III has partnered with Television Jamaica (TVJ) and Future Services Ltd. for an entertaining new reality TV series to start airing in May, which will focus on the use of mediation to resolve conflicts.

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Independent Candidate Craig O'Dear Envisions 'Mediator' Role in US Senate

O’Dear says he would shake things up in Washington by creating non-caucus space in the Senate and by becoming what he called a “mediator” between Democrats and Republicans who frequently spar in the Senate.

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Professional mediator speaks on how teacher walkout situation could be resolved

As Arizona gets closer to the planned teacher walkout on Thursday, FOX 10 Phoenix is hearing from a professional mediator on how a situation like this one could be resolved.

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Future Is Uncertain For State's Groundbreaking Foreclosure Mediation Program

Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program — launched during the height of the national mortgage crisis a decade ago — could become permanent, but a bill winding its way through the legislature faces an uphill battle.

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Italy Picks New Mediator in Search for Government Majority

Italian President Sergio Mattarella asked lower house Speaker Roberto Fico to find out whether the anti-establishment Five Star Movement could govern with the center-left Democratic Party, in the latest attempt to break a seven-week impasse.

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President Moon: Be a Facilitator, Not a Mediator

The Blue House stressed that Seoul will be a “mediator” between Pyongyang and Washington in these upcoming denuclearization talks. However, a mediator usually does not have deep relations with nor complex interests in either party.

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Nicaraguan bishops accept mediation role

The bishops' conference of Nicaragua has accepted an invitation to mediate talks aimed at calming the Central American country, which has been roiled by protests over proposed changes to the national social security system and discontent with an increasingly authoritarian government.

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World Leaders in General Assembly Stress Importance of Conflict Prevention, Mediation during High-Level Debate on Building, Sustaining Peace

Member States must go beyond resolutions and statements and recommit to a new approach to peace, the General Assembly heard today during a high-level debate that explored opportunities for strengthening the United Nations work on sustaining peace.

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New Grad Student Organization Aims to Prevent, Mediate Conflict

A new student organization at the University of Chicago, the Peacebuilding Project, seeks to acquaint campus and the surrounding community with peace processes, conflict transformation, and humanitarian work.

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Divorce should be done online in 'one stop shop', says President of Supreme Court

Couples should be able to divorce online in a "one stop shop", the President of the Supreme Court has said as she argues that blame should be take out of the process as it is "unjust" and "discriminatory".

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Nee Soon GRC to get mediation club to help residents resolve conflicts between neighbours

"A lot of times when we encounter disagreements between residents, there's a need for a neutral third party because, usually, their first reaction is to go to the authorities, which may make things very bad," said the teacher, who has volunteered as a grassroots leader for less than a year.

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Proskauer Partner’s Gender Bias Suit Heads To Mediation

A gender discrimination suit filed against Proskauer Rose by an unnamed female partner is headed to mediation, but the suit has sparked several new unresolved conflicts.

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Mediation can keep the peace between disputing neighbours

Community mediation may focus on problems faced by the community, such as nuisance in the neighbourhood, trespass, family feuds, landlord and tenant issues, neighbourhood squabbles involving children, pets and animals, use and maintenance of driveways, cars, bright lights, party walls and trash disposal.

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Mediators’ Institute welcomes evidence of growing use of mediation

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) has welcomed figures showing that the vast majority of complaints to the Financial Services Ombudsman (FSO) last year were resolved through mediation. Of the 3,867 complaints closed in 2017, a total of 2,370 – more than 60 per cent – were closed using mediation.

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120 rural court judges trained on techniques for mediation of disputes in Darfur

UN Mission in Dafur Rule of Law recently organized training workshops for rural court judges in four Darfur states. Some 120 judges received training on Sudanese laws, legal procedures and techniques for conducting successful mediation of disputes.

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Rape case headed to felony mediation in Ohio

An Ohio man accused of holding a woman at knifepoint, threatening her son and raping her in 2016 is going before a mediator. Rather amazing fact pattern perhaps justifying mediation in this matter.

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Why Being a Jerk at Mediation Is Counter-Productive

The "pit bull" competitive, adversarial approach is completely out of place in a mediation.

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