Mediation 20/20

Navigating Mediation's Best Future's 25th Anniversary • Online Conference - Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2020

About Accord3.0 provides strategic consulting services to engage in complex, multi-party problem-solving. We call it 21st century problem-solving.

The Accord3.0 Network is a seasoned team of respected professionals in planning, law, business, governmental affairs, public policy, environmental policy, finance and communications. We decided our strength is our collective expertise and so we joined forces to bring a multi-sector perspective, proficiency, and a suite of refined tools and comprehensive solutions to each client and each problem.

We help communities and organizations tackle difficult problems through training, facilitation, strategic planning, partnership development, and conflict assessment and management strategies. Our team is just as comfortable with analysis, strategy, and investment as we are with process engineering and implementation.

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