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Laila and Tara Ollapally Interview - Mediation in India

by Laila Ollapally, Tara Ollapally

March 2020

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Laila Ollapaly and Tara Ollapally Interview

Recorded by Clare Fowler on February 28, 2020

Laila Ollapally has been searching for a better method to resolve conflicts her whole life. After working in the legal field and the trial wait times, she began looking into mediation. She founded Bangalore Mediation Centre.

Tara Ollapally followed in her mother's footsteps and founded CAMP Mediation Centre.

Laila Ollapally is a member of the MediateIndia! Advisory Board.

Laila is a full-time mediator and founder of the Centre of Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP), a pioneering private mediation initiative in Bangalore, India. Established in 2015, CAMP seeks to promote mediation as a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution. Ms. Ollapally has been a lawyer for over three decades, practicing in the Supreme Court of India and the High Court and Consumer Courts of Karnataka.

She has mediated several hundred cases including complex commercial disputes referred by the Supreme Court and State High Courts. She has been nominated to The International Who’s Who Legal of Commercial Mediation and serves as a Panel member of Singapore International Mediation Centre, Kyoto International Mediation Centre & ADR Centre, Italy. Laila is a Weinstein Fellow with JAMS Foundation. She extensively trains Judges, lawyers and advocates on Mediation and Negotiation.


  • Master of Laws (LL.M) in Mercantile Law and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Bangalore University
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics from Stella Maris College, Madras University

Tara Ollapally is a member of the MediateIndia! Advisory Board.

Tara co-founded Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice to promote a ‘user friendly’ framework of dispute resolution which facilitates greater autonomy, is cheaper, less formal, procedurally simple and available with minimal delay. Conflict, a natural consequence of human relationships, has the propensity to escalate. The mark of an advanced society is its ability to manage conflict such that it does not escalate and allows disputants to problem solve and find quick, meaningful, win-win solutions.

Tara's commitment at CAMP is to provide collaborative dispute resolution as a meaningful option for businesses and individuals. Through a thriving mediation culture, she hope's they can address the Access to Justice issue our legal system faces and work towards gaining that mark of an advanced society.

Tara is an international lawyer of 18 years who started her career in human rights law in the United States. She also worked in Immigration and Asylum Law while in the United States. Since moving back to India in 2011 she has been working on mediation. She has trained in mediation at Harvard Law School and many other international institutions. She is a graduate of University Law College and received her Masters in Law from Columbia Law School.

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