424 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310 553 8533

"My goal is to thoroughly and empathetically understand the positions of all sides in a dispute and to use my skill, experience and effort to bring about a reasonable resolution."

I serve as a mediator and arbitrator in all fields of legal disputes. I firmly believe that almost any dispute can be successfully mediated and that mediation should always be the first method used in attempting to resolve problems. There are always at least two sides of every story, and that a dispute compromised in a manner that is mutually agreeable to the parties is always better than a Court or jury verdict which may please none. I persevere and persist, and have a record or successfully resolving cases that the parties involved and their counsel firmly believed could not be resolved.

I believe that the best way to resolve cases is to assist parties in their ability to understand the views, motivations and needs of the other parties. To that end I hold joint sessions for as long as possible, to encourage understanding of the other side's point of view. I then assist each party in assessing his or her likelihood of success in the event the dispute is not resolved by mediation, based upon my long experience as a litigator.

Once that is done, I solicit each party's demand for resolution and advocate for that with the other side. If asked, I freely advise parties as to my opinion of the value of a case and of the best negotiating strategy to be utilized in attempting to get it resolved. I try to make sure that I understand where each party is coming from and what their needs are. I remind the parties of the costs, risks and uncertainty of not resolving the matter through mediation and of the benefits to be obtained in designing and achieving a mutually acceptable resolution.