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50 Ways to Break an Impasse: Tips, Tricks, Traps, & Tools
This interactive program provides: A) tips to break impasse, B) tools to manage negotiator tricks, C) insights to avoid psychological traps, and D) techniques for "resolution" not just "settlement." Learn how to get the "deal" done in the face of power, conflicting evidence, polarized values, and practical obstacles. 
Parties spin in the intersection of logic and emotion during mediation. Practice how to help them make better decisions with the judicious use of fact tables, decision trees, and decision tables.
Explore the three mediation paradoxes (Self-Determination Theory, Transaction Resource Theory, and Collective Choice Theory.) Learn how to promote fairness in conflict and manage potentially biasing information.
In the real world, each party desires the mediator to be "facilitative" with them and "evaluative" of the other side's position. Explore the ethical issues and practical questions surrounding the competing  mediation models.
Learn stories, one liners, and pithy observations to help people resolve conflict.

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