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Negotiation Skills for Success
Conflict is natural and inevitable.  Conflict can be unproductive if it stimulates intractable disputes that impede individuals and organizations from achieving their goals.  It can be productive if it stimulates creativity that promotes personal and organizational goals.  Managing it effectively and efficiently is an essential skill in today’s environment. This is not about “touchy-feely psycho-babble” or “incomprehensible legalese.”  It is about straight talk, uncovering hidden agendas, and getting the “deal” done in a collaborative fashion that preserves relationships.
What happens when collaborative skills are not solving the problem?  We escalate. There are effective and respectful ways to engage with those who are focused on them winning and you losing. Recognize when someone is attempting to "play" you and how to refocus the discussion. Practice strategies for dealing with confrontation, the "pit-bull," and apparent impasse. Become comfortable knowing that suspending judgment is a key to critical thought and successful negotiations.

1)  Become Comfortable with Conflict as a Catalyst for Change – No More Avoidance

2)  Implement Collaboration Negotiation Strategies

3)  Learn Skills for Resolution, Not Just Settlement

4)  Become Comfortable with Aggressive Negotiators and Intractable Disputes

5)  Implement Competitive Negotiation Strategies

6)  Learn Impasse Breaking Techniques

7)  Practice negotiation strategies with “Real” Conflicts




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