Harvey L. Goldhammer is a professional mediator and arbitrator. 

As a civil litigation and appellate attorney for over 30 years, he now specializes in conflict management and resolution.

Mr. Goldhammer has a broad range of experience on both the plaintiff and defense side of litigation.  He loves the art of the deal in negotiations and in his litigation practice was known as the King of Settlements. 

Mr. Goldhammer's philosophy is that there is a fair settlement point in every case.  The only cases that should end up going to trial are those where there is an honest dispute as to liability.  Where there is a wide gap in case evaluation by the parties, that is where the mediator's services are most needed to bring the parties together to resolve the claim or dispute.

Mr. Goldhammer maintains his office in Glendale, California.  He is available for mediations and arbitrations throughout southern California.