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     Fascinated by epic nonfiction?  Entertained by historical insights or camaraderie?  This quintessential nostalgic American tale relays wisdom from the author’s and her ancestors’, parents’, and peers’ exploits through a plethora of adventures, a myriad jobs and motivational incidents. 

     Gayle’s Grail is a modern-day American odyssey, a candid, engaging, introspective nonfiction hybrid—part biography, part memoir, along with American and Californian history with reflections on past generations.  This book is a coming-of-age quest for life’s riches, a defining tale, a soulful, intimate share of a dramatic contemporary life charting individual tests, a reversal of fortune, and the author’s secrets in love, sexual exploits, and shameful moral dilemmas, as well as the lessons leading to happiness, with laugh-out-loud moments, unpredictable challenges, and triumphs.

     Escape in an epic tale uniting the reader with universal truths about freedom, defining oneself, tackling boredom, repairing the psyche, creating love, actualizing one’s potential, and renewing pride in the American dream.  Through life’s seasons, a living map, you will find satisfaction in prominent places, parental approaches, ethical evolution, and dreams, with pursuits in family, friendship, athletics, education, travels, government, hospitality, entrepreneurship, real estate, outdoor adventures, love, and enlightenment.  Be reminded that human flourishing is attainable with personal confessions, a parade of characters, gathered advice, meaningful quotes, and pop culture snapshots.





     Fiercely independent, Gayle has embraced life, seized opportunities, sought solutions, and achieved.  She is described as positive, welcoming, generous, and adventuresome.  She has the perseverance to secure happiness and smiles through chaos, with a knack for finding trouble.

     By her forties, Gayle was the only one in her family of five still alive.  Gayle is among the first generation of Americans whose opportunities did not exceed those of previous generations.  Deeply impacted by society’s foundational institutions’ failures, Gayle finds strength from relatable pioneer ancestors and the spiritual approaches she details in her book, Gayle’s Grail.

     Gayle was born into idyllic circumstances but suffered a slow-drip reversal of blessings from age twelve through her teens, when a nuclear blast of divorce altered her community; cancer caused her mom’s slow, five-year death; and her grandparents passed or faced Alzheimer’s or other health crises.  Meanwhile, savings and loans failures robbed her family of livelihood and wealth. Additionally, a freak accident killed her brother.  Her sister used drugs, failed high school, and got pregnant, while Gayle’s dad grew ever more distant. As he fought to revive his career, her aunty guardian died.  These trials led Gayle down many paths—the military, numerous part-time jobs, corporate America—giving her insight through predicaments making for a captivating life story.

     Today, Gayle teaches and serves as a real estate broker and mediator, offering dispute resolution and conflict management.  She can be found among the San Diego Superior Court mediators.  With Gayle’s signature strategies, hundreds have achieved amicable solutions by working with her to satisfy specific interests, goals, and concerns.

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