Building upon the foundation established over recent decades, The Mediation Futures Project will gather and report upon our best thinking about the future of the mediation field and mediation practice.
The Future of Elder Mediation

Elder Articles

Michelle Brenner

Mediation Past, Present, and Future….

(2/02/15)Michelle Brenner

Mediation has been part of the story of mankind. The word mediation may be part of the 20th century English vocabulary, but the meaning behind it has roots and seeds that have been developed as long as mankind has existed.

Dane County Bar Association

Elder Care and Mediation - Video

(5/10/14)Dane County Bar Association

The Dane County Bar Association's Case Mediation Program has produced videos to help the public understand and use mediation in the dispute resolution process.

A Survey of Public Awareness of Elder Mediation In Northeast and Central Ohio

(2/15/13)John Bertschler, Patricia Bertschler

As private practitioners in the field of mediation over the past fifteen years, we have struggled along with our professional colleagues nationwide to increase public awareness of alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation. We have been gratified to see awareness grow due to the work of many individuals and professional advocacy groups, as evidenced by this survey.

Charlie Irvine

Hanging On The Telephone: The Future of Mediation?

(11/14/11)Charlie Irvine

I recently attended training in ‘telephone mediation’ delivered by two members of Mer Majesty’s Court Service (HMCS) Small Claims Mediation team. Over 99% of their mediations are conducted over the telephone in an hour or less.

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