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Yvette Durazo

Conflict Intelligence (Conflict-IQ™): A Tool for Assessing Your Conflict Resolution Skills

(3/26/22)Yvette Durazo

Conflict Resolution is more than a soft skill – it is a deliberate and conscious effort that encompasses a bit of understanding about psychology, humanity, anthropology, and sociology.

Amanda Singer

A Better Understanding of Premarital Mediation

(3/24/22)Amanda Singer

This article discusses important conversations to have before a marriage to prevent conflict.

Janet Chance

Four Tips from my Difficult Discussion with Dad about Driving

(3/24/22)Janet Chance

Difficult Discussions are labeled difficult because they are filled with emotion and make us uncomfortable. These tips can help you show up as your best self.

Lynn Duryee

[PODCAST] Reflecting on the Emotional and Psychological Dimensions of Alternative Dispute Resolution

(3/18/22)Lynn Duryee, Stephen Sulmeyer

A podcast from JAMS featuring Stephen H. Sulmeyer, J.D., Ph.D., and Hon. Lynn Duryee (Ret.) on the emotional and psychological dimensions of ADR and the impact on mediators, lawyers and all parties involved.

Michelle Brenner


(3/18/22)Michelle Brenner

The real story of healing.

Cinnie Noble

No Shortcuts when it Comes to Conflict

(3/14/22)Cinnie Noble

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going ~ Beverly Sills

Phyllis Pollack

Cookie: When Trust is Absent

(3/14/22)Phyllis Pollack

This week, I follow up on the theme of communications and animals by telling a story about our other dog – Cookie- and what happens when trust is absent.

Jeremy Pollack

The Importance of Workplace Appreciation (And How to Express It)

(3/14/22)Jeremy Pollack

Most of us like to feel appreciated in the workplace, though we’re not always willing to admit that praise is something we crave.

Ben Coltrin

4 Ways Custody Mediation in Australia is Unique

(3/07/22)Ben Coltrin

If you have a custody disagreement in Australia, you should be aware of four distinctions in how the country handles mediation because you are highly likely to find yourself in front of a mediator.

Bob Bordone

Mediation and Relationship Therapy - Analyzing Ted Lasso

(3/07/22)Bob Bordone

This video analyzes mediation and relationship therapy.

S.O.R.T.E.D.: A Model to Move from Complexity to Clarity in Conflict Discussions

(3/04/22)Dawn Bedlivy, Kim Faircloth

Despite many well-intentioned training and intervention efforts to help leaders deal with conflict, a vital piece is missing: how to take useful notes and still be present as you listen.

Cinnie Noble

One Way or Another

(3/04/22)Cinnie Noble

Having been in the conflict management field for a long time – as a mediator and conflict management coach – I have seen and heard repeatedly the positional stances people take when in conflict.

Lynn O'Malley Taylor

A Hypothetical Higher Education Dispute and How a Neutral Can Help Resolve It

(3/04/22)Lynn O'Malley Taylor

Imagine you are employed in the human relations department at a university. How would you handle this dispute?

Phyllis Pollack

Too Many BATNAs

(2/25/22)Phyllis Pollack

How many choices do we need?

Lynn O'Malley Taylor

Five Common Mediation Mistakes That Create Obstacles to Settlement

(2/25/22)Lynn O'Malley Taylor, Rachel Gupta

Mediation is often a grueling and exhausting process. The right mediator should be instrumental in helping the parties reach a resolution.

Ranse Howell

[Video] The Future of ADR: Reflecting on the Successes and Possibilities of Virtual ADR

(2/18/22)Ranse Howell

Reflections on the capabilities of virtual proceedings to positively impact parties across the globe and push the needle in access to dispute resolution

Phyllis Pollack

A Parable about Trust!

(2/17/22)Phyllis Pollack

Something happened recently that highlights the importance of trust and rapport.

Phyllis Pollack

Competition, Empathy, and Deception!

(2/11/22)Phyllis Pollack

Once again, the Harvard Project on Negotiation (PONS) posted a blog on whether men or women are more likely to use deceptive tactics in negotiation.

Maria Simpson

Rebuilding Teams

(2/11/22)Maria Simpson

Teamwork is basically doing what’s best for reaching the team’s goals—the team’s success is greater than any individual’s success.

Sarah Peyton

The Protective Wisdom of Rage

(2/11/22)Sarah Peyton

Do you wish that you would never have to become angry? When you get angry, are you worried that there’s something wrong with you?

Sharon Kendrick-Johnson

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Spectrum …… explained. (Part I)

(2/11/22)Sharon Kendrick-Johnson

We will always encounter conflict due to laws changing, unresolved domestic and international tensions, a breakdown in the rule of law, and illegal economic gain just to name a few drivers.

Mark Smalls

JAMS Recognizes and Celebrates Black History Month

(2/08/22)Mark Smalls

As 2022 is well underway and we enter the third year of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and the seemingly never-ending drumbeat of difficult news, it’s fitting that this year’s theme for Black History Month is related to health and wellness.

Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher

Designing Dispute Resolution for Educational Institutions: Listening Is Key

(2/04/22)Deirdre McCarthy Gallagher, Cassandra Franklin

While the desire to find a quick solution is understandable, it may not serve the institution well.

Dr. Lynne C. Halem

How Was Your Mediation Experience? Reflections from Clients

(2/03/22)Dr. Lynne C. Halem

Reflections from clients discussing their divorce mediation experience.



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