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Private Mediation Fees:  

 (Judicial, Statutory, Labor & Employment & Commercial)

All fees will be paid on a pro rata basis unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.

Full-day                                                                       $2,400

Services include preparation time, eight hours conference time, and case administrative fees.

Half Day                                                                        $ 1,200

Services include preparation time, four hours conference time, and case administrative fees.

Hourly Rate                                                                     $300

Mr. Saling’s hourly rate for mediation is $300. There is a minimum charge for two hours for any mediation or five hours for any arbitration session and payment is due prior to or at the time of the hearing unless otherwise agree to by Mr. Saling.

 Cancellation Policy

All cancellations or postponements of a mediation session must be received by Daniel R. Saling, Mediation and Arbitration Services five working days prior to the scheduled mediation date or a cancellation fee of $300 may be assessed.

 Note – Arbitration/Mediation Added Fees:  A fee of $300 per hour will be charged for the preparation of a written arbitration award, mediation settlement or any other required document preparation.

Travel Expenses: Travel time will be charged when travel time exceeds one hour. Travel will be charged at an hourly rate of $300. All charges for meals, lodging or other related charges will be charge at the actual incurred cost.

 Court-Sponsored Mediation Fees:

All fees will be paid on a pro rata basis unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. There will be a three-hour minimum with a fee schedule as follows:

$150 per hour for the first two (2) hours (i.e., $300 total)

  $300 for every hour thereafter

Services include preparation time, case administrative fees and expenses.

Initial Deposit:

Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, each party will pay their pro ration of $600 for the first three (3) hours of mediation. To hold the designated date, all parties must pay their portion of the $600 deposit one week prior to the scheduled mediation.

Cancellation Policy:

·        If mediation is cancelled more than 48 hours before its scheduled date, there will be a $300 administrative fee assessed, and the balance of the $600 deposit (i.e., $300) will be returned to the parties.









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