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Workplace disputes

In today's fast paced workplace conflict between employees is common. The manager's plate is pretty full and when a dispute arises between employees the manager may feel overwhelmed.  Managers are rarely trained to mediate disputes between their employees and sometimes make problems worse when they try to intervene.

Our one-day  workshop puts the tools of the professional mediator into your hands to build better workplace relationships, enhance performance, improve productivity, and cut the unnecessary financial costs of workplace conflict. The workshop is designed for supervisors, team leaders, members’ of self-managing teams, students of leadership, human resource staff or any employee who is responsible for the cooperative work of others. 

Learn how to . . .  

·        Determine when problems can best be solved by Managerial Mediation.

·        Prepare the best context for a mediation meeting.

·        Perform the three primary tasks of the manager-as-mediator.

·        Negotiate agreements to prevent recurrence of the conflict

Learning components . . .

·        The manager-as-mediator — a better way to handle communication problems and personality clashes

·        Consequences of conflict — measuring the dollar cost of conflict in your organization

·        Types of conflict — boss-employee, employee-boss, and employee-employee

·        When managerial mediation works — and when it won't

·        Preliminary meetings with employees — the surprising purpose of  “getting the facts”

·        Managing the context — mostly common sense, but vitally important and often overlooked

·        The three tasks of the manager-as-mediator — made simple and practical

·        Contracting for agreement — making deals that stick

·        Skill practice — constructive, guided feedback to build practical skills

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